CE3: Tick Limit Vote

Hello Commander,

By popular demand, we’ve decided to hold a Tick Limit vote, as previously announced, for CE3.

Whatever option gets the most votes wins, so make sure to vote tactically!

Good luck :slight_smile:

  • 2500
  • 3000
  • 3500
  • 4000

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Vote vote vote!!!

@Alexander can we do one thing to prevent stabbs can we apply the F4 rule?

People cannot join other alliance before 100 control ticks

Thought the popular choices were either 2.5K or No tick limit.

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4000 ticks is over 5 months. If you can’t get the 10 relics in almost half a year then come on…let’s be honest here

There had to be a tick limit and I think 4000 is long enough for any taste

Now vote vote vote :wink:

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5000 ticks was over 5 months and no one had all relics. Its NEVER enough ticks for a game like BattleDawn especially for CE. Voting is pointless because it shows averages and mediocrity, BattleDawn is the opposite of that. The tryhard extremity I’d only play a max 2k world, or an infinite one. How many voters even have an idea of why each tick limit would be different at all in a CE?

I just hope this isnt just the games last shot at squeezing the rich fucks


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Fyi: the vote for no tick limit is in a different topic : Tick limit or no tick limit?

I believe no tick limit is better for two reasons:

  1. It ensures there will be a real winner at the end, who has had to kill or subject all other alliances to gain all 10 relics. It ensures an absolute win. I believe this is what a Champions Era should be all about.

  2. I believe having a tick limit gives off the wrong message. When there is no tick limit, it is clear to everyone that delaying when the era is already done has no use. If there is a tick limit, even if that limit is 4k ticks, then there will be teams that will see the benefits of stalling at some point. Whether that stalling would start at tick 3.5k, 3k, or even earlier, I do not know. I do know that it would be a valid strategy, especially if there are teams that simply build the biggest coalition that can have them feed all the crystals and relics to them for score. I think that because of this, it is far more likely that the era will go to the tick limit, regardless of how high you make that limit. A no tick limit era might actually take less long than a tick limit era does, and the era with a tick limit would definitely be far more monotone and boring at the end as it would simply be a stalling game.

Because this is the last hurray, the final Champions Era, and because I want it to be a real Champions Era and because I prefer a dynamic, active, skillful era over an era where stalling and sitting is rewarded, I would much rather see the tick limit completely removed for this special era.


lmao, stabbing is literally half of what BD is


Agree with you Sakrie

:joy: still it hurts…

To be clear - the maximum number of ticks for CE will be 4000. I have to make a management decision for many reasons including launch of BD2 and I made it.

So please stick to the admin vote. If most votes are for 4000 ticks then that will be the limit. But no limit is not an option

Thank you!


People who have more free time can enjoy all 4000 ticks



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Goddamn 5 months is ridiculous


5 months is long, but if those 5 months were with you, aye, I could do that


Stop it you’re making me blush man :blush:

Aye I am 100% behind that tho


4000 tick of trilling and spaming to allinces jaja