Tick limit or no tick limit?

In the spirit of full transparancy: let’s have a vote on tick limit or no tick limit. Right now there’s a fair bit of discussion on having a tick limit or not in chats, but we don’t actually know what the players prefer.

I realise this poll might have fewer voters than the # ticks one does, but so be it. Vote below on whether you would like to see a tick limit or not. I will add my reasoning in a post below.

  • Yes, tick limit please
  • No tick limit please

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Edit: Closed the poll as Cosmin has made clear in this post CE3: Tick Limit Vote that it’s no use.

Moved it to prevent confusion with the official vote — we’ve decided on a tick limit for very obvious reasons, namely that the last one without almost killed the game and we don’t seek to kill the game right as we launch a sequel.

So while we will watch it as always, we are extremely unlikely to consider it, and doing so would require different management and a different strategy to the other rules as I personally can’t take responsibility for something I don’t think we can manage…

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To add my reasoning here:

I believe no tick limit is better for two reasons:

  1. It ensures there will be a real winner at the end, who has had to kill or subject all other alliances to gain all 10 relics. It ensures an absolute win. I believe this is what a Champions Era should be all about.

  2. I believe having a tick limit gives off the wrong message. When there is no tick limit, it is clear to everyone that delaying when the era is already done has no use. If there is a tick limit, even if that limit is 4k ticks, then there will be teams that will see the benefits of stalling at some point. Whether that stalling would start at tick 3.5k, 3k, or even earlier, I do not know. I do know that it would be a valid strategy, especially if there are teams that simply build the biggest coalition that can have them feed all the crystals and relics to them for score. I think that because of this, it is far more likely that the era will go to the tick limit, regardless of how high you make that limit. A no tick limit era might actually take less long than a tick limit era does, and the era with a tick limit would definitely be far more monotone and boring at the end as it would simply be a stalling game.

Because this is the last hurray, the final Champions Era, and because I want it to be a real Champions Era and because I prefer a dynamic, active, skillful era over an era where stalling and sitting is rewarded, I would much rather see the tick limit completely removed for this special era.


No tick limit is obviously how you determine the real champ, nobody will deny that pretty sure. If it’s not an option then so be it. Win faster and more work more efficiently. Changes the game but whatever, what can you do sometimes. It sucks but it is what it is.

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This game can mess with ur health big time if u go on playing it for too long, and i think 7 months is enuff damage.

IAM not damaged yet :confused:

You’re not even trying to win noob :expressionless:

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