Championship Ruleset

The Rules

Welcome to the CE Ruleset!

  • No swearing or personal threats (some banter is of course fine!)
  • No placing colonies or having friends place colonies to farm (XP, Outposts).
  • You are allowed 1 account and 1 colony per world only. You can not control any others for any purpose.
  • You cannot in any way (intended or otherwise) benefit the alliance that has you conquered currently beyond the “tribute” resources, for example: you cannot send squads at other teams if this could be in your conquerors advantage and you cannot create outposts you cannot defend.
  • No sharing your password to any other players for any reason whatsoever.
    If for some reason one can not complete an era due medical problems or otherwise insurmountable and unpredictable inconvenience, permission may be asked (up front) to the admin to switch the ownership of the ruler on that world to a different (currently not placed) account
  • Any attempts, threats or even jokes about hacking, attacking, harming or compromising the admins, the game or other staff members will not be tolerated. Same for any threats on players. We all love the game - nobody should feel unsafe and if you don’t like the game, you should simply find another one.
  • Brothers, sisters or any other reason for sharing an IP will not be tolerated in the Championship Era.
  • No using a VPN or shared IP (including internet cafe’s, schools or IP’s you know may connect to someone else eventually) without requesting permission for CE specifically upfront.
    You will need a very good reason to receive permission, additionally, any risks are on your end. Even with permission, you will be banned if our system indicates you could be using it to cheat, we may retract permission if suspicious. Permission can be granted for short timeframes, or longer ones, depending on the specific situation. If you need and are granted this permission, please take care to play as cleanly as possible and stay in communication with the admin. Exception: Puffin is always legal to use and will not get you banned in and of itself. Other mobile flash browsers are bannable like any other shared IP for security reasons.
  • We forbid any discovered tricks, loopholes, potential usages of existing mechanics that the assigned admins are not currently aware of, a request for permission to use such discoveries needs to be requested and granted up front.
    Please keep in mind, the key here is for the admins to know and allow the trick. Not knowing a trick your enemy uses does not make it illegal. There is various tricks the administrative staff is well aware of, when in doubt, simply ask any available admin.
  • For this era, there will be a more variable usage of AI colonies. The limit will be lower, but may be increased based on available space and population. We will aim to ensure there is a good amount without filling up or inflating the world. AI’s will only be allowed to stay in player-accessible locations during this era.

Skype chats or similar are usually not considered sufficient evidence, however, exceptions may be made. It’s unlikely that Skype evidence will be considered, but nevertheless if you elect to (pretend to) cheat or break a rule on Skype, the risk is on your end.

Attempts to ‘game’ the rules without breaking them may or may not be considered abuse of a loophole. Do not risk it.

Once you break any of these rules, you’ve lost the right to play, punishments of any sorts, restrictions of any kind, are at this point fair. You are not “entitled” to a certain punishment once you break a rule, as you are no longer “entitled” to the game.

These rules are for the game itself. Obviously our Terms of Service still apply, this is simply what they mean for the worlds you play on. These rules may see minor iterations prior to the start of the era, we will aim to keep the rules completely in tact during the era itself.


Pro tip: Never tell an admin your plans, you never know whose side hes on. Dont understand why people arent protesting against this rule already.

Imagine getting banned for outplaying your opponents through ingame mechanics.


If you seriously think an admin will pick a side, which frankly isn’t a thing, it’s better to just stay away. Considering we can ban, see all your private data, change your resource count and so on, you’ve bigger problems than not being able to use a trick that hasn’t been found before.

All that said and done, I’ve great faith in the team and will not budge on that. If something does happen there and I am shown evidence, we will act. If you suspect I am partisan myself, I suggest contacting Andrei directly, I will step down when confronted.

We will not give a blank pass on using things in the CE we have no idea on the balance and such of yet, e.g a bug that would allow someone to delete an army from another player, because you’re nervous about admins.


Seems we accidentally uploaded a version that missed a clarification: we will not be granting any permissions to use the same IP for this era.

We already usually refuse to, but I’d like to make clear there will be zero tolerance for this one.


Aww Man But what about my Dad, 2 brothers, Sisters ,Neighbour and his dog Tommy :frowning:
Especially Tommy He’s gonna be so disappointed we cant play CE together. We’ve been planning for months :wink:

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You can read in-game messages between 2 players?


That’s actually one of the few things disabled in the panel itself, though obviously it’s still in the database should you try to break a law or such.

We can however see everything else you do and so on…


Let the games begin!

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okay, that’s actually pretty freaking hilarious from Azrail. I lowkey respect 4E’s meme’ing abilities.