BattleDawn Rules

The Rules

  • No swearing or personal threats (some banter is of course fine!)
  • No placing colonies or having friends place colonies to farm (XP, Outposts).
  • You are allowed 1 account and 1 colony per world only. You can not control any others for any purpose.
  • You cannot in any way (intended or otherwise) benefit the alliance that has you conquered currently beyond the “tribute” resources, specifically you cannot send squads at other teams if this could be in your conquerors advantage and you cannot create outposts you cannot defend.
  • No sharing your password to any other players for any reason whatsoever.
    If for some reason one can not complete an era due medical problems or otherwise insurmountable and unpredictable inconvenience, permission may be asked (up front) to the admin to switch the ownership of the ruler on that world to a different (currently not placed) account
  • If a team has won a world and are simply stalling it for score or any other reason, the admin reserves the right decrease the tick limit.
    In this situation the admin can start a vote and if successful this will result in an early tick limit. The minimum tick limit is 1000. You share your world with other players – please be mindful of your peers and don’t hurt the game!
  • Any attempts, threats or even jokes about hacking, attacking, harming or compromising the admins, the game or other staff members will not be tolerated. Same for any threats on players. We all love the game - nobody should feel unsafe and if you don’t like the game, you should simply find another one.
  • No using a VPN or shared IP (including internet cafe’s or IP’s you know may connect to someone else eventually) without first receiving permission
    This includes siblings and so on. Please understand that to protect competitive play, we can not tolerate all potential scenarios around top players. Always ask permission up front, do not expect a warning.
    Exception: Puffin is always legal to use and will not get you banned in and of itself. Other mobile flash browsers are bannable like any other shared IP for security reasons.

As for tricks (bugs), if we don’t fix it but we know about it, it’s legal. Use common sense!
In case of doubt, simply ask the admin about your trick/bug. You’ll likely get a reward if we don’t know it.

Skype chats or similar are usually not considered sufficient evidence, however, exceptions may be made. It’s unlikely that Skype evidence will be considered, but nevertheless if you elect to (pretend to) cheat or break a rule on Skype, the risk is on your end.

World Specific Rules

Sometimes an admin may elect to make an era specific rule, these will always be announced up front in the news or in this section. Please understand that convention does not make a rule. What is listed here are rules. Events or common gifts (such as a starting bonus) should never be relied on unless announced for said era.

Once you break any of these rules, you’ve lost the right to play, punishments of any sorts, restrictions of any kind, are at this point fair. You are not “entitled” to a certain punishment once you break a rule, as you are no longer “entitled” to the game.

These rules are for the game itself. Obviously our Terms of Service still apply, this is simply what they mean for the worlds you play on.


Small changes to remove Joe’s ruleset and clarify that Puffin will not get you banned, unlike other shared IP’s.

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