Earth 5: King Of The Hill

Welcome all to a brand new era of Earth 5 where we are running a King Of The Hill event for the first era of Admin Josh & Admin Stuart being in control.

King Of The Hill: Relics will spawn tick 1 dotted around the world and remain in protection for set ticks (you will see their protection times in world). Relics will not be mobile!

Earth 5 will follow the global rule set (found at the bottom of this post) with the additional following rules:

  • No shared connections or VPN are allowed.
  • Locations more than 12 attacking ticks away from mainland are off limits. If you manage to secure one of these that we have not blocked off we will move you to the nearest land mass.

Rewards are as follows:

Position Prize
1st 5000
2nd 4000
3rd 3000
4th & 5th 2000
6th-10th 1000
11th-15th 750
16th-30th 250

Server tick limit: 2500

Alliance size: 1 (of course)

20% discount as CE is currently going on.

We’ve put crystals on every resource outpost and will give a starting boost so make sure you plant during the pause.

Good luck dawners!


Awww new era, new rules, new admin. Good luck to all who plant.


Good luck everyone! Come support Stuart and Josh on their first E5