Unannounced Change to Ruleset?


PLO spammed long distance to conquer this guy and take his 4 crystals. Same eot he launched attacks on us.


He is still conquered 58 ticks later

Admin’s stance on this ranges from “jeez, G. Don’t you think you take stuff too serious right now? If he isn’t in an alliance he has technically not even allies as he isn’t fighting for the win or something. Don’t you agree?”


“Also he said he’ll liberate him. I dunno why he hasn’t. Maybe he forgot. But that 5 oil and 5 m/tick won’t make him #1


“well feel free to discuss it with Alex, Andrei or whomever. I haven’t seen any farming and I told your alliance already tons of times with all details.
Its getting a bit ridiculous by now and your toxic behaviour that even spread over to others”

So I ask @Alexander since she wants me to discuss it with others. Has this rule changed now to allow conquer farming if you are alliance less or if its only 5 metal and 5 oil? Other admins have for years/still are banning at least temp for this. What changed?


What’s most annoying is there are separate rules for each admin, you can get away with this in ilonas eras but you get banned for doing this in toms era.

So where do we go from here?


This was supposed to be solved with the official ruleset being universal across all worlds except e5. Hence asking if something has changed and if so is GatoGames falling into the no communication with community issue that plagued TS for so long by not announcing it.


@Alexander @Ilona @Gaurav

I demand that this matter should be discussed and solved right here as a public matter and not in PMs.


BD ruleset is a discussion which has no end to it.

For eg
There are 2 rules , 1 rule states crystal transferring is legal and 2nd says u cannot benefit the alliance that has conquered u in any way. But arent these 2 rules in contradiction.
During transferring the crystals u get conquered for a few tick/ticks and in this getting conquered process u are benefitting the alliance with a score advantage with those transferred xtals. So u are helping the player/alliance who conquered u beyond the tribute resources , so with rule 1 u can get away with it but then u helped the guy who conquered u willingly with a score advantage over his enemy which can be a great deal on a max tick era with a stalemate finish.


I think you are overreacting, G. He was told to liberate him but hasnt done so yet. Give him some time. And its not like that small income will give him an instant win. Calm yourself


I dont see any farming and i already told ur alliance u r toxic and spreading your fearmongering about cheating and also rumors and its affecting other people and u should get ban.


There was no change to the rules. This situation was way more complex than this.

I’ll try to explain it as good as I can here again. Even though I did it already several times to your team members and you. There was not “no communication” and also I think its just you, G, who constantly tries to make it looks like a HUGE issue.
There is no need for a change of the rules, as I don’t believe that this situation will ever come again into play.

To make it (hopefully easier) I will call the Players A and B and the alliances 1,2 and 3

Player A with 4 crystals was in alliance 1 and allied to alliance 2, in which player B was.
Alliance 3, hostile to both alliances, sent attacks to Player A before, which he defended.

Player A messaged Player B to take his crystals (for whatever reason) and launched several attacks to alliance 3.
Player B took the 4 crystals.
Player B left his alliance 2.

Player A left his alliance 1.

Alliance 3 complained it was farming.
So I talked to Player B (till now still not to player A) and he offered that I should delete the crystals if it could be seen as farming. I denied it.

All of this happened within 150 ticks on a 3 t/h server so I don’t think this will happen that often again.

I am happy to answer if there are more questions about this odd situation


And this is against the rules as below…this is not some new or complex case.

Player is still conquered. Admins see something like this most eras, and A) Temp Ban the player A or B) Force the liberation of the colony. Not wait for the conquer to liberate when he’s good and ready while taking the resource income.

You asked me to bring it up with Alexander or Andrei hence this forum post. Please allow him to give his 2cents, as you’ve given yours many times and still are ignoring the issue in your response.


Time to plant 10 friends next to player B network, get them to msg me to conqure them, then they can attack him :upside_down_face:

Its just 5 metal and 5 oil per tick so who cares, plus i can keep them for 150 ticks on 3 ticker, no big deal


Issue is here that alliance 1+ 2 were hostile to 3. And that Player A launched several attacks before he got conquered


Player A did not attack us until the same end of tick he was conquered.

You said we launched 2 spam attacks at him sometime in the era.

Neither of which create some exception to the official rule that you cannot benefit the alliance/person that conquers you. SPECIFICALLY you cannot send squads at the other team if it is advantage to your conquer.

Very simple, if he wants to fight us, he can fight us unconquered by PLO.

Something you could of solved easily by liberating him. Instead of allowing PLO to have 5 metal 5 oil income for 150+ ticks now. Or making some nonsensical thing about neither Player A or Player B being in an alliance which has nothing to do with intent of the rule.

Beyond which, principle of the issue is that UNIVERSAL rules should be followed on all eras by all players/admins as they have been since implementation until now.


Issue here is that we are talking about Plo, who is untouchable and he can do what ever he wants…

Shit like this kill this game, we all waste time and money for what?

This is definitely my last era, donno why i even came back cuz its still same shity game that support cheaters, cuz they buy tons of reds


it has been 72+ since he was asked, but the colony is still conquered.


Please be patient. Geez.i apologize for the inconvenience. I will send him a second message nicely asking him if he can please liberate the player


let me join the discussion with whatever I know about it,

first, I agree you bane there 2 rules overlapping each other,

well, this ppl using ign as " JW PORN " had his own alliance and stayed natural for everyone else, when he saw we are moving in to SA, actually i noticed him when i saw him in world chat then he asked me " if there’s an alliance I can join in on top 2 or top 3 places I could support you guys " i told him you should ask them for this but i do believe i can find a place for you in WA2 as their alliance was open for everyone else, then he disbanded his alliance and i thought he is going to join WA2 but after that when i checked my inbox he was saying " they are at top 9 and don’t worry i can not be online so much time " then he started attacking us. well that could be acceptable as trolling but the funny things he was attacking us with his whole army and he even didn’t defend a spam coming from PLO.
well i could believe he just wanted to troll us and as like

Ilona’s says if ppls were talking about the game only as in-game message,

but… from a different look
at the same time, we are getting in SA, PLO was in Rofl and if he offered him a place when our armies was next to " JW PORN " that can be acceptable with crystal transfer rule because he could just want to save his crystal and didn’t let us conquer him before he joined them.
as I said he disbanded his own alliance before attacking us and things went bad for Rofl after this, 3 of them banned PLO left etc.etc.

there are 3 odds we can think about

  1. " JW PORN " was always with PLO
  2. Plo offered him a place wanted to save his crystals ( as he wanted to join a good alliance )
  3. He just wanted to troll us and didn’t want to defend PLO’s attack

all I understand with Ilona’s says she saying 3. happened but we can never know if they talked on skype or somewhere else.

there we going to talk about 2 rules overlapping rules.


That’s how Teaa was also conquered, a spam from barcode? While it could be intentional, it could also be a genuine mistake. Its a 3 ticker, he could be asleep when the spam came in radar range



But you can see from the SS that JW PORN was attacking a team b4 he gets conquered. Surely he sees PLO attack.


@Kaen I’ll ask you ncely to go away. Just cuz I love you.