Middle East: Duo era!

Yeah did half of the votes r from my team’s only :relaxed: let’s goooo

TY Elcent you are the best!!!

Era starting today right??


Almost… there…

World is still under construction!

We are also 4th in the resetting queue sadly so will be a few more days.

I apologise for the poll originally requesting to start today. This won’t be possible.

Please make sure to download the latest client to ensure you can play this era!

For PC users only no? @Elcent

Eh :joy:
Is it mouha who drink faster or senatus paid his self another drink. Your cup free

PC and Puffin should work :slight_smile:

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When can we expect e6 to start??




We are waiting on E2 to start ticks and M2 to reset.

I expect it will be kicked off Thursday/Friday :slight_smile:


Awesome Love you @Elcent

World is open!

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