World Event: Middle East Duo era!

Welcome to the Middle East duo event world! Grab someone or plant solo and see how it goes. This is a smaller map than usual so expect many battles and very little peace.


Tick will be similar to E4 by having 12 ticks per hour and only run for 2 hours a day.

XPv2 will be enabled, mines are buffed and carry defences among other custom world settings to make the game more enjoyable on a small map. Please read them below.

Rewards: 5000 blues for 1st, 3000 2nd, 2000 3rd, 750 4th & 5th, 250 6th - 15th

Max ticks: 1500

World Settings Standard Event
Resource Outposts Standard 4x Standard (They are defended!)
Distance travelled per tick 200 50
Min Outpost/Colony placement radius 120 100
Relic speed 75 18
XPv2 settings Event
Transfer Multiplier 0.7
Population per 1 base XP granted 10
Min Range to gain XP from 2
Minimum XP threshold 10

Why does it say North America? Unplayable!


Are there any changes to the bot colony numbers too? I could see using less cols and more garrisons working, for example

Bot colonies have been adapted to suit the map size. Garrisons and anything else will be announced in-game.

Is there a devblog or any patch notes explaining how current xpv2 works?

Something about exp being army wide or something?

Enjoy the event noobs :stuck_out_tongue: don’t forget who got it done for yall :wink:

Elcent and alex? yeah, thanks admins!


Haha. Little do you know young Padawan. I sacrificed my IP for you all to enjoy new map and duo Era.

Honestly Alex is the one thats spent time and effort pulling all this together. I just have to poke him a few times and try to convince him that this is a good idea.

I think the wiki is a bit out dated so won’t show XPv2…

But you are correct. XP are gained at a base rate that is given to all units that survive. The XP is calculated per squad killed and has a minimum threshold.

Transfer XP works exactly the same as it used to however instead of a 5% transfer rate its 70%.

The levels are also set at different amounts with armour, damage and range all level up in a different way.

I can’t share all the details because a lot of it is still a mystery. I know some players have tried to map out exactly how it works but its up to them to go into that level of detail :slight_smile:


So you cheated and got banned? Thanks I guess, one less retard on the map


Damn kuzuma on fire :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Cheated? Got a well deserved refund which funded the idea of this duo :slight_smile:

:joy:why u not playing dandy?

he’s banned, remember? Its the reason we got this era, we must be grateful. Can’t go forgetting his sacrifices now ppb

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How would a refund from Gato fund anything exactly?

If anything, you’re actively hurting them, not helping literally anything.

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Ticks start today!

We apologize and have fixed an issue that forced us to delay the era start, please report any other issues experienced to us.

Please understand that this map hasn’t been used on prod before and therefore any bugs or issues should be sent to myself or Alex. Any attempt to exploit bugs related to this era, settings or map is forbidden.

Thanks for your understanding

A large in game bonus will be sent once ticks start and later a world discount will be available to make use of.

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Tick 10!


How colourful it is :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Can we get a update @Elcent