M3 Unlimited Event


Taking it down doesn’t matter, we all can see it


woops …ok


are u trying to flaunt a kill or a suicide

im still trying to figure that out xD


Ah yes, the screeching has begun. It’s been a while.


Get gud NUKE, how dare you not carry me while I take a convenient holiday when the era starts.


Nuke’s dying faster than I do in a war, thats unprecedented speed


We are flexing Yaz’s presence in our team :slight_smile:


Few clarifications,
Before the round started I had proposed a friendly agreement/possible merge between NUKE and GATO. This was when it seemed like both of our alliances were going to be small and SIN was going to be mass alliance competition. Sea and I agreed to be friendly and he said he would think about merging if his alliance all agreed. Once the round started, GATO was able to recruit far more players than I had imagined and we rivaled SIN. At the same time, NUKE also exploded in membership and it was quite obvious to everyone that the round would come down to GATO vs NUKE.

As GATO fought SIN, I went to Seaweed with an offer for an official nap between our alliancs with a tick number. This was to A) Try to ensure that NUKE wouldn’t strike GATO while we were fighting SIN and B) Try to make sure this round would continue through tick 1200. He refused any official nap and also told me he had considered our “friendly” deal to be void at the beginning of the round when we had started to recruit in mass and also had colonies plant near his “hive”.

SIN ended up not being very coordinated and it was a pretty quick war between GATO and SIN. NUKE started to recruit these SIN members to boost their membership levels and score. I told Seaweed that SIN members were our enemies due to war and would remain so regardless of if they left SIN. I asked him not to recruit them as I did not want to have GATO games end up playing 60 vs 120. Sea did not heed the warning and continued to recruit these SIN members.

Instead of letting NUKE build up with this immense amount of players, our MoW Djina decided we should start the war now instead of waiting (There were a few NUKE attacks on us right before we started the war, with the Scorcher BR shown up above). War started, war is happening. Good luck to all.


The alliance was open, I think some messages were sent to SIN but we didn’t really recruit anybody. You know it was open because no doubt numerous spies also joined - and it being open should be an indication that neither Seaweed nor anyone else was hugely invested in the era or expecting to do well. That should’ve been clear from the fact that our highest ranked guy all era was ‘Martian’, a random who got trapped within 3 ticks I think…
Your team had a bunch of people boosting pretty hard at the start and obviously took pains to coordinate feeders, network, regulate everyone in the team and whatever; NUKE did none of these things because once it was clear that you’d gone round getting literally every person you could before the round even began, it was clear that the event would be an uncompetitive failure.
I hope that future event eras don’t recycle a clearly failed concept and are decided by tick 200.
As for Usta trying to claim what a great winner he is, I’m sure that having a 60 man team takes him back to the 4E glory days, but again, NUKE was obviously not invested in the slightest, so stop bragging about this shitty event


Gato was a closed alliance yet Nuke has/had multiple spies within the alliance. Before the round began we had about 25 people total with 8 of them active. Far from the going around and recruiting everyone that you claim. Heck I refused many folks from joining due to a lack of trust. Future invitees were almost all friends of the first 25. Only one or two were folks I went and recruited.

Yes we had a few people boost at the start because we were fighting SIN from the beginning and had only a few fighters. Yes we took winning seriously and so did plan and network (thanks @Hitmo). Feeding shouldn’t be allowed on this type of era, but since they wouldn’t listen to me, of course I didn’t handicap us.

Regarding failed concept, the g3 event was far better due to the .com vs galaxy, but also due to created drama


Sad, it was meant to be Black vs White. Glad I’ve enjoyed sleep.





Oml why people still talking. This era sucked idc what team you were on. I didn’t make a single unit while i was in NUKE. i randomly joined to watch. More then half of the top 50 were all in GATO. Era was over before the “war” even started. Nobody was even trying besides that martian guy from what i saw. The G3 event was way better and the map suited the event more. Mars worlds usually have the least competition. There was barely any Mars related threads back on the TS forum. Nobody has a right to brag about this absurd failure of an era. #FactionWasBetter.


Lol you mean #Factiowasbetter or the G3 era was better?


Well well well… Time to unravel some not true stuff. I am not in the habit of sharing private conversations but if there is a Gaurav typical propaganda campaign going down I pretty much have to.

To anyone saying we attacked first, we did not. That is a silly justification that only an idiot would believe or a liar would defend. I actually do not mind, hey that is the game. I do not care about that, and I do not particularly care about getting absolutely wrecked after G promised otherwise. Good job entire non-casual battledawn community (minus SGC and a handful)… You really aced this era.

What I take issue with is this,

Not the main goal… It’s a game! I appreciate your participation in this game Gaurav. you are a great opponent. Very smart and organized in your thinking and execution. Battledawn is enriched by your presence, overall. I wish that reputation was geared towards only winning (clean) and not just undermining an eras rules you happened to not like by swamping it with your connections. Event eras are a rare thing and the admins go out of their way to create it for us, we should worship Josh for trying not stomp all over his face in response.

There was also some talk earlier about G telling me not to take in SIN members. We actually roughly agreed they could join after they were killed by Gato, which is exactly what happened, as discussed…

You were the better team. Good game (not really). Lets please have a more interesting event era next time one graces us with its presence.




Where did I say any of that…?


M3 sucks , failed event , shut it down.


@Alfie Amen to that bro



Looks like ol’ Robin Hood needs to spice things up a bit.