M3 Unlimited Event



Ok guys I honestly don’t care but you guys attacks us way more times if we are talking about stabs. Conquering our member jamming our colonies etc. But lets be honest its 80 members and 66 members we didn’t care that much because we all knew it would happen
its not really a stab but saying WE attacked first is pretty lame even for a noob like dj and if we started the war buddy we would have definitely done it differently


This era was a big fail.


Uhh you guys started spaming sin ops when we killed all armies plus took their members…

And as far as i know we didnt had any deal so its not even a stabb, but yes attack came from NUKE first


Leave it mate. Its like pushing against a wall


Conquering our colonies isn’t attacking us first? just wondering???
Never said it was a stab lol just saying for people who attacked first you definitely have a lot of crap to say other than admitting you really did lol


If you cant control your noob players not my problem…
Spamming colony and attacking with real army is dif… and you conq few of our colonies too so shhhhh


I know its not SGC team or fam right there. But as their own leader said “Come and have a chance to play with SGC members.”

Aren’t they who uses to stab and say “It’s part of the game?” So you guys that are whinning. Learn with 'em. They know what they did and they know how the game works.

We took our time, let you guys take the spoil of our war and with that any deal was already broken. And about member X attacking member Y entire era, its BS. We know we can’t control 50+ players in a team when they dislike someone else in the other team.


Excuse me? Read the above lines properly. We are not whining that you attacked ( well not me atleast) we are pointing out that you guys are falsely accusing us of stabbing.


Cuz you are accusing us that we attacked first and we didnt… so if you can say what you want we can say too…


my leader controled +50 ppl when we asked him, kill you guys because of you took spoils of Sin with doing nothing, at the end we didn’t conquared someone before war began. You did add ppls into your team whom was conquared by us so it wasn’t our problem. its SGC or not, we definety don’t care, you guys broke the deal and provoked all world against us, at the end it didn’t work as always. I had ss of this but i won’t share. because i don’t needed to, as i say with my bc, community knows the fact, and we made you remember whom are winners one more time.

if you don’t care, don’t play. if you can’t controll don’t lead, if you will cry, cry more.



Took spoils of SIN lol, the excuses keep coming, does taking spoils of SIN count as a stab now? I don’t think you’re quite understanding what we are saying since english might be a bit difficult for you to comprehend, but there was no stab nobody accused you of that. Everything that happened is fair but don’t run your mouth about us stabbing you blah blah blah. You guys choose to attack first that’s the end of that. GG


First Person Shocked. I feel you.


I see you blind… must be cuz of tears… but dw next time we will kill you at start so you wont have time to cry


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i personally loved how martian died literally within the first 4 ticks :smiley:

reminds me of me :smiley: i want his autograph <3


your a clown and noob

i was in your alli and you did nothing on this noob called martian , he brought your alli down !

hahhaahha , never blabla against ANTRAX !!!

byebye and dont forget to cry again !


How’s the pink train treating you buddy?


Congrats to @Yaz to being the first one to get a R5 and killing himself from GATO.


XD (20 characters wtf)