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Sad Screenshots Taken Out Of Context, Pt. 2 :cry::sob:


Will we have a Black Trajic vs White Trajic era finally after talking for it about a whole year and now there is an actual chance ??

  • I Choose Black Trajic : PSI
  • I Choose White Trajic : Trajic

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It is what it is. I as an admin can provide the basis for a great era to occur. But overall, it is ALWAYS up to the community itself to make it a “great” era. Factions was built in the hopes of preventing too much of a powerhouse (hence random placement and no alliance hopping). Unlimited alliances event was much more put into the house of the players to choose how to do things. It allowed folks to do just what happened. Create a massive powerhouse with seemingly no way to beat it (though, there’s always a way if you really want it).

It also allowed for folks to create their own fun teams and duke it out if they so choose to do so with whomever THEY wanted. And if said team was getting beat, could join another and try to fight quality with quantity. Up to you guys. One of the things I myself failed to do correctly this event era was put the rule to swap teams immediately. It was discussed, but ultimately, decided to leave at normal. I should have fought the idea more in hindsight, but you know… 2020.

Overall though, I am still a believer in the community itself. And I will take it, this event will likely be a lesson in itself to the community. I don’t think anyone was happy with it not being as exciting. But it’s not MY job to force players to make an event fun. It’s the player’s that make the event fun. I can only provide the basis and hope for the best :slight_smile: TBH, I think if I ran this event again immediately after this era ended, folks would probably purposefully split up a bit more in hopes of making a more eventful world. But, I could also easily be wrong and players may have done the exact same thing again.

While I do try to think of ideas to help even out these ways of making things uninteresting/unfair, I can’t always think of everything. In this case, I had thought of it in the past, but forgot why it was so important (the 5 CT to change teams) and let that part slip. I upped the reward so folks didn’t end up with 200 a person again, but seems that instead backfired as well, especially without the lowered CT to change teams. Oh well :slight_smile:

I promise there will be more events (and different) in the future though. Each one is a learning experience and usually pretty experimental. They also help me gage what really affects players play styles better, so for me, it’s still a win win for making better future events for you all.

Hopefully I can spice things up for you guys a bit in the meantime before things are all said and done this M3 though :slight_smile:


Why would you ever trust the community!


It’s more fun that way. :upside_down_face:

remember that one time leo made my event legendary and people still talk about it all the time now? :joy:



“WoW eVenT eRa sUcKeD wE aRe sHocKeD”
The fuck are you expecting. The idea of limitless size alliances is retarded. Sucked the first time, sucked the second, it would suck the third time. You thought bringing back M3 would save it? ha. No, that was just another try to squeeze from as many players as possible. Called it before it happened

Get some fuckin new ideas in.


I’m sorry Capo, I like you as a person but I cannot help but disagree heavily with you there.

The first limitless team event had flaws for sure and unneeded drama, but was also a massive success. Lots of players who stayed hidden and normally would leave became part of our community over it, and many players who normally just watch were engaged. At the time over 70% of players wanted another run, even with the massive flaws letting it be pre-emptively ended the way it did.

The second event was a complete success - it was very different from factions, but the players had lots of fun and at the time while there were some minor flaws, overall people found it lots of fun.

Trying the second again, on .com, was a gamble. We’ll see if people have fun before the end, but frankly, if we can’t even gamble with an event we’ve already seen proven to work, we may as well pack up our bags, fire everyone and just let BD continue on without ever doing anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a good thing we try it, we’ll see how it packs out, end of the day nobody lost anything over it. While I am here, I’ll keep encouraging admins to try things. Some will be fun, some won’t. And I hope they’ll trust the community as much as possible doing it, because ultimately together we can make for a fun game.

I am grateful for @Malicewolf trying this, and all the players who tried to make it fun for themselves or (even better) also others. I hope they’ll make the most of the sandbox they got!

Occasional mistakes are fine – we learn from them. Even if we do it right, there’s still a chance something will fail. Also fine.

Neither will stop us from trying to help you guys have fun :slight_smile:


for the record, i loved this event and hope this concept continues…

i got to meet some great people, who i wouldn’t have otherwise… that alone made it worthwhile…


…fuck alex


Missed this event sadly


Don’t worry, there will be more in the future :slight_smile:

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I’m done with this event. RIP all the blues I boosted. No reds because i’m poor


M3 seems to be wrapping up unless someone steps up and does something in next 100 ticks. I do apologize that things weren’t as exciting this time around as the last event, but sadly, duds happen :upside_down_face: Next event I run should prove to be much more interesting though (and don’t worry, it’s not an unlimited event, though that will be on the table again down the road too).


Who went and deleted carter?


God I wish that were me