M3 Unlimited Event


Hello all,
This M3 era will feature an unlimited (ok, just very high) member limit. Players will be able to have as many members in their team as they want! For those of you who attended the G3 event, it will be very similar. Play with as many people as you want, but be aware! 30.000 blues are given only to the winning team, and spread among your teammates (rounded down to nearest 100). However, the cap will be 5000 per player.

So if you got:
6 members = 5000 per player
11 members = 2727 (rounded down to 2700)
21 members = 1428 (rounded down to 1400)

So, what does this mean exactly? It means you have more incentive to work together temporarily, then split up and fight it out for bigger rewards at the end after defeating mutual enemies. It also means that your team needs to make sure it’s got a good amount of control of the map before they start downsizing, as the enemy teams can bring in those you dump to begin to outnumber and overwhelm you as you try to hold onto your higher prize.

Technical difficulties could arise and that may force us to change some mechanics. Please be patient with us as we continue to try new things to make things more interesting for you :slight_smile:
Some details this era to be aware of: (Do note some of these could change BEFORE the era starts)

  • Tick speed will be 3 ticks/hr
  • Tick limit will be 1200 (17 days)
  • Resource Outposts income will be lowered.
  • Overhead will be doubled (24% per 100 soldiers).

So bring your friends (go ahead, bring them all!) and create that massive team you always wanted to have! Will you opt out for a small reward with ALL of your friends or will you and a few others show the rest what it truly takes to rule the world!?!


Well then. I hope you all are ready for Dear Mars 3: A Journal by Robin Hood.


When is this estimated to start?


Come one, come all. Plant to play, watch, energy farm, ion farm, or feed res


Estimated within the next 24 hours to be ready for planting :slight_smile: Spread the word yo.


You’re rude, I go away sunday


yeah wish this was after exam season. :pensive:


I would plant but Im in 6 worlds rn
Also Im too lazy for a 3 ticker


There will future events after this one. So if you can’t play at least plant to watch and participate in other ways. It’ll be a nice way to meet a ton of players


You mean I can’t be fed to 40 squads in 2 days again?? :tired_face::pensive:


you’ll always have your happy memories. noone can take those away from you. noone.


Sure you can. Work with me, I’ll get you enough feeders


I have a moderately strong feeder fetish, so I’d be happy to olidge.


Perfect. Will add you to a group later in the evening


Should consider making conquers give twice the income, but halve the number of conqs available if possible. mars will run out of space quick


I love interesting eras. Excited to see who will turn up.


Sounds like I need to come back but maybe make colony size smaller for this event?


Yes! Welcome back Greeny. Hope to see Sail


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: anyone is going take me :disappointed:


i wont be in for the era, ill be in for the forum flame wars