Fantasy 2 Era 96


Lol yeet ur alliance r scared Casper told me not to believe u all but I do I thought mrmnts changed but nah i was wrong

Anyways u playd ethe era u lose now mrmnt will die each era

And ppb never play for reds remember that


Wait what happened to derivative? Tf is this? I’ve never seen this before image


Interesting development.

I take back what I said before.

Poseidon (The guy in our hive spamming), a UCss member, and Derivative all banned.


Looks like yeet lost his army?


He did. BRs will be posted once war’s over.


Well, looks like they were spamming. Guess i was wrong, aorry


Prolly when i was watchin GOT


JW has perished.

Territorial Map:

Alliance rankings:

Player rankings:


Thanks for keeping the updates while Im busy


you dont have to post links. Just post the pictures. if you click the option that is two pieces of paper on top of each other you can just post the photo.

like this


Was limited to 1 photo per post the last time I did it, forgot I was upgraded to Member.


UC is pretty much done, one left to go.


@Bones GG
Glad I ioned the dragon though, nice fair last stand.


;p good game man, shame about derivative though.


Yea, it is. It puts a dampen on everything. As soon as Octavius first accused us of spamming I went and checked with everybody, so it sucks to be lied to. Great team you got though, well earned. On a side note: Poor za


Yeah that was painful to see. I’m back down to a single star. :wink:


By the way, since this era is over anyway, is NaCL your sub or nah, and would they have attacked us if we somehow gained the upper hand? They were so ambiguous diplomatically and I cant figure out which side they leaned to.


I can’t confirm if sub or not because I’m not the one handling the talks, they were pretty much neutral for the entirety of the war until we wanted to finish and supplied us nukes. (WOW plays with me on multiple eras <3) (Smokey is a teammate on a few as well). I don’t know the others by those aliases, or if I’ve forgotten then I apologize.

It would’ve helped to have them but they stayed out of it, kinda glad they did as it made it more interesting from an attacking perspective. The original spam bombs took out most of your network before you could even do anything. And then once you did, it was only a few of you trying to spam back and were easily overpowered.

Think activity played a huge part in the downfall of UC as you couldn’t keep your network secured, and instead gave us more to work with in the long run.


This was the biggest part. All in all, it wasnt smart to go for first since we were all at school or work for large portions of the day, and some teammates were not as involved as we liked. Since I’m obviously fairly new to this game its always nice to get any sort of experience in war, so thanks for that. As for the spam bombs…yea. I could barely see the scroll bar in the incoming menu :joy:


Ah man that first tick when I refreshed, that scroll bar was so tiny that I instantly fell in love and knew what the results would be lmao. As for gaining experience feel free to add my skype and we could possibly do some eras in the future. live:inteighty