Fantasy 2 Era 96


Interesting little one this time around

I wish I had some screenshots for the era start, alliance ROME led by Castrotopus JW was number 1 with double the score of number 2, looked like a sure win for them. Then, from either a plain stab or a massive argument/drama in the skype group, Octavius and Marcus Brutus stabbed, then joined OPEN. The remaining members of rome were killed.
Since then, open has been warring DP.

DP has proven themselves to be unprepared as they have lost their outer territory very quickly and are now confined within their hive island, which as shown by the screenies, is being invaded pretty quickly. I dont have any BR’s, but I dont think there are many since it seems that DP has not had a chance to fight anything yet, they seem to be on the run permanently.

Ill update more later when something happens ig


Dp is unprepared lol when they are the one who attacked us :neutral_face: last night of there member died mars


Can confirm it was drama LOL.

And can I add, it was more than sure win. DP was doomed all along wink wink


It wasn’t drama. Very few people were doing anything in Rome and not very active. No stab either. All outpost were razed and rebuilt. Battles took place at least 24 ticks after it disbanded.


Are you sure? It all seemed very sudden to me.



DP vs Open
Things are still going downhill for DP, as they have now fallen to 4th place, and open has pushed deep into their island. Their leader pluto lost his crystal, most his units, and has now relocated to the bottom of UC’s island for some reason.
Also, it appears that one of their strongest players, mars, has met his end:

NaCl vs v5
NaCl, who recently got pushed up to rank 3, has declared war on v5, it appears to be a power grab. No too much has happened except for this:
WOW is moving some squads in close while the leader of v5 and a weaker member are locked down, and Snow Zombie is sending spams at their colonies, most likely for a troop report, even though he is in a neutral alliance.

I dont have any br’s as of now, Ill try to get one on Mars’s colony and with v5, too, when its done.


Yes, where is your proof it was a stab? You don’t even have a battle report of a fight or anything. You’re just gossiping for attention. You left off major things like Rome vs NaC and Rome vs Open.

You even started your article with a statement of you don’t have any evidence of the start of the era.

You’re making a article with nothing more than you’re own point of view about 40+ players in a diplomatic game. This should be taken down.


Why so hostile? Your correct I dont know much because people have not been talking much, or happening too quickly.
Sorry if you found it to be gossip, my intention when I asked you the question wasnt to test you or that I didnt believe you, it was simply that others had said differently. Cool off, please.


It’s called reporting on the era. Those of us who aren’t playing it appreciate this effort from him. Either shut up and stop bitching about someone narrating the era or contribute constructively to give everybody a more accurate picture of what’s going on


Respect for this man


It’s not narrating, it’s gossip. If you’re going to narrate then he should go through the effort of getting it right or not implying things that he doesn’t know. So it’s called holding people accountable. Not bitching. So fuck off or don’t put your ignorant bullshit in it.


Normally I dont bother responding to idiots a second time but;

He didn’t imply it was a stab, the only thing he implied was that he wasn’t sure what it was, but something had caused a problem that led to the team disbanding.
I presume you’re some angry ex-ROME member based off your reactions here, perhaps you could enlighten everybody about what happened then? Inactivity doesn’t usually lead to teams disbanding. Because if you don’t, then of course people are going to speculate/‘gossip’, and if you refuse to narrate yourself then you have no right to rage at them for doing so


“Then, from either a plain stab or a massive argument/drama in the skype group, Octavius and Marcus Brutus stabbed, then joined OPEN.” He out right said we stabbed and implied the reasons why. I’m the idiot who can read the whole sentence.


I’m not obligated to narrate and I’m not required to sit there quietly while people post a false narrative.


-That’s not what happened!
-So what happened?
-I’m not telling you!

I guess that makes you one of the two that did leave, I bet you are a joy to play with. And I’d also bet that you were at the centre of that drama to start with.
Anyway, good luck with the era. Your team seems to have by far the best position. F2 is more entertaining than most other eras rn


Did Octavius not conquer his members?
Why are you raging?
What actually happened?

So many questions, but instead of answering them you continue to cry.


Sure, you could read very carefully, overanalyze, and them make up your own outrage and confusion over what you call gossip.

Or you could read that it is speculation from someone who doesn’t have much information- so instead they are posting maps and speculating. They didn’t start by saying: “I am the great BattleDawn prophet. Everything I say is truth”

Only speculation I am thinking about is why you are so angry about this. And Octavius did conquer his members…now, unless if I missed something, that isn’t “normal” in an alliance without argument.


If you don’t want to tell the world what really happened, then people are left to speculate and discuss those speculations. Getting angry at the “reporter” isn’t logical.


The idea of public forums is discussion. Various people have different points of view, see different things, and have different information. We are interested in your opinions on how the era is going thus far, not on your personal attacks on another player you disagree with. Besides being against ToS of the forum, that is rather barbaric. Please keep it civil. Thank you :slight_smile:


It isnt his fault for not knowing what exactly is happening he is just trying to report about the era and generate some buzz and hype. We commend his efforts, so stop trying to demotivate him.
@Yeet keep up the good work.