Fantasy 2 Era 96


Why did UC not attack first? :man_facepalming:


I knew we should have, i personally pressed for it, but there during discussions with NaCL, it wasnt cleqr whether na would help open, uc, or stay neutral, so we ended up waiting


You e team killed your own sub so greedy about reilc


No, its just that dusk is an absolute idiot and tried to snipe the relic we were taking


Subs in a nutshell. =’^)



Updates!: Legz army has perished. (Thanks for that BR @CozyMan) Current territorial map.


Actually just now DP leader jumped in the war let’s see how UC face him

Yeet if ur alliance supported them earlier open would have dead till now but ur leader mmrmnts is a pure noob so as ur players idk how ArA played with y’all u all lost the war no need to arrange just suicide and get away

U all need to learn this helping allies can make u win not by letting them die

P.s Mars is dusk


Well dusk just suicided his army into relic against UC, can we get that BR lol


We were never allied with DP, all dp keeps bitching about is “you let us die you let us die”. Shut up, if you want some diplomatic relations dont uprgade ops on our hive we warned you not to make, and dont talk about warring us and killing us in your skype.


Dusk is literally the biggest dumbass.
Not even mad that NaCl is going to kill him, they have our permission


What is going on now? Btw good work yeet!


UC didn’t join war because you wanted #2 and were scared. At least DP didn’t use spamming in our hive when war broke out.



UC made a push about 10 hours ago but have lost all territory gained not long after. Open continueing to push.

mrmnt relocated south


Things aint looking good, Im short on time so I wont make a picture summary but Ive lost some troops and we lost lots of land. they havent succesfully invaded the hive yet though


Whats with you and the spamming? Nobody planted to spam. If anything, we are the ones getting spammed by people. How much reds you pay pluto to attack us, hm?


How many reds did we pay someone you didn’t help in a war. Why do you think we would have to?

It’s awfully convenient that two people place late in our hive and just happened to start spamming a couple ticks after we attacked you. Very convenient.


For the last time, if people decided to spam you, whether they know us or not, we had no involvement in it. Why are you so salty, you are winning anyway, right? Nobody can fight a war without finding something to start whining about no matter the outcome, and its extremely irritating.


I’m not one to bullshit, nobody was paid reds from our side and I wouldn’t say so from your side either.

ppb jumping in for fun, that’s what he does in these eras.

also gg.

Here’s some updates.

Territorial Map:

Alliance list:

Player rankings:


Thank you, bones, gg.