Fantasy 2 Era 96


Since its over Ig Ill do a summary now




UC vs open

After about 2 days or so the war is basically over. UC was not active enough or prepared enough to deal with the first massive wave of spams, and lost most of their network. Following this some of UC began to push back with squads and made some ground on the eastern shores of the Middle-South island and The tip of the North-East island but were pushed back before long. After their foothold was lost, UC began losing armies one by one, starting with Legz:

(Credit to Bones)
Then Yeet:

Then JW:
UC member banned:
After noticing several spam colonies spawning and attacking open members, possible Alts were looked into and UC member Derivative was banned for convincing his sister to place Alt accounts and spam open.

Finally, with UC’s borders breached, one last stand was made on Yeet’s colony involving the armies of UC leader mrmnt, banned member Derivative, some last minute troops from Yeet, and the remnants of Legz’s army, vs Octavius, Tyrell, and Za La Go. Due to a failed dragon attack, open ended up losing about 2/3rds of the 2800 soldiers they brought, but still effectively crushed UC in the process.

As of this post only ArA’s full army remains, we will see what becomes of that soon.

UCs vs NaCL

Staying Neutral to UC and open for the entirety of the war, NaCL put its full attention to killing UCs. UCs lost territory fast and it seems that although only 2 members have been conquered, the majority of their armies have been lost, most likely due to mainly NaCL member WOW who was moving large amounts of units all over UCs territory and seemed to have killed idaniels army, although I do not have that br. Mars, otherwise known as dusk, instead lost a chunk of his army by trying to snipe the relic UC was taking at that very tick(bruh), I’ll have that br soon.
If mars has anything left, it looks as if that is about to end:
Anyways, that pretty much spells the end of this era, besides tying up some loose ends. GG.


Legz died first, here’s the BR.

We did some assisting, only minor though. I started out by taking watchtowers to assist us in viewing your areas, but also just to spook UCs and have them push back a bit.

(Not sure if anyone else engaged UCs, but I did for some straggling armies that were left behind when they tried to reinforce the bottom portion of the map.)


Thanks for your help


Might as well give my side too. I’m cassius btw.

NaCL was a sub of open. But since smokey started doing talks with mrmnts and ArA so that our war with UCs goes smoothly, we didnt want to be involved in the open vs UC war (I think). Maybe if things went the other way, we would have helped, but since smokey was afk due to travel, I can’t guarantee if we would have taken any action.

The war with UCs was a joke tbh. We would not have started as early as we did, but they decided to take the relic we were aiming for. Mars (dusk) conveniently (for us) suicided his army into the relic UC was taking. lildaniel left the relic after taking it, and me and smokey killed king’s army easily.

Tremorg killed of fast snail’s army

We then killed off fast snail completely at his colony

We killed a bunch of mars, colin and najinski’s army in skirmishes across the island. Mars relocated initially when smokey attacked him. When I attacked him, he wasted time with shield, then relocated again. Now he’s wasting time again with shield against WOW. haish… Side note: colin and najinski kept ioning drags lol, i think like 6 drags?

We will be finfishing off UCs now, probably at the same time as open does UC. GG guys. And yeah, the Derivative thing would have been a blow.


Thanks for telling that part, but just letting you know you accidentally posted the same br twice


My bad, fixed :slight_smile:


Finally, mars is conquered