Fantasy 2 Era 96


A couple of things happened in the past few days, nothing very much surprising though

Death of DP:
DP continued to lose, and eventually, members of DP Fast snail, Paris, Mars and Neptune followed pluto and relocated onto UC territory. This was done without permission, and UC conquered Fast Snail, Pluto, and Neptune

UC member Legz also killed Nasa’s army, I will have that BR soon. DP member paris was killed by open.

Members of DP left and the alliance is now nowhere to be found.

Reforming of UC sub:
Due to inactivity UC sub UCs was reformed with stronger members, including former member of DP, mars.
It does not appear at the moment that open is seeking to kill mars despite their past war with him.

Death of V5:
V5 did not last very long against NaCL, and they have all been conquered.

And yea, thats about it, not much has went down in the last few days. Sorry I still dont have any BR’s, people aren’t really sharing them but if one of y’all who has planted wants to share them feel free to do so.


fight with rank 1 + 4 vs 2 + 3 when?


Is casper the leader of rank1 alliance??


Idk if hes leader, I think he’s octavius though?


he is the leader, and

he is why so late


It’s an interesting era, I’ll give it that.




it seems quite obvious that rank 2 and 3 need to fight rank 1, would be a disappointment otherwise


They’d be throwing away free blues if they did.

Why risk something that’s already locked in for something you may have a chance for.

Only time will tell, it’ll definitely be a very expensive effort. I can guarantee you that.


They could easily get far more blues than the “free blues” you are talking about. Rank 1 alliance is very beatable, and rank 2/3 could easily do it together. And it wouldn’t need to be expensive, just have good activity.

I assume you are with rank 1. Your attempt to persuade them not to challenge for “free blues” is pretty funny.


Yes, I’m with open. Beatable is a very under estimated statement. Especially from an outsiders point of view.

There’s many things others are not shown.


everyone is beatable. But an alliance who doesnt have that much more power, and that looks like they have a majority of conqs giving them inflated power? very beatable.

UC has 6 people people top 13 while open is only 5 top 13. The open power difference is largely concentrated in one person, which is either a boon or a disadvantage. UC can take you by themselves if they are decently competent, and with UCs and NaCL it should be a lot easier


It’ll boil down to if they want to take the risk.

It won’t be cheap, and that leaves the era open for other alliances to pick them off once they’re weak.


you saying it wont be cheap like they have to boost to kill you when 200 power difference is nothing and thats probably just the conquer difference lmaoo


No, I’m saying the amount of losses they will take will be large enough to pit them against themselves if one decides to be greedy.

This has nothing to do with boosting, it’s expensive in terms of They will lose a lot.


only scrubs or desperate people take fights that would give them huge losses. Like i said before, UC can easily fight you solo and have it even. UCs + NaCL will make pushing you guys in super easy. They don’t need to take any awful fight when you guys can be pushed back to your colonies and caught out


It is only up for time to decide.


Greatness will prevail and weakness will wash out

That’s all I know


Funny how things turned out. NaCL seems to be wiping out UCs. The relic drop certainly shaked up things a little.

Mars attacked a relic same eta as UC, lost his army (quite a bit at least i think)

King died on relic, lildaniel pulled out and saved himself

Nothing yet on UC vs open


I dont wanna post about it atm cause there are some discussions going on, ill make a summary soon


UC vs open and 0pen

Exploded in a matter of ticks after Relics were dropped, hundreds of spams on both sides are flying around everywhere, we will see the damage for each side when the dust settles. No major forces have been sighted and no major battles yet. As of now, the wild card NaCL is killing the UC sub for taking their relic, but diplomatically they have offered peace with UC so far, its not clear as of now the involvement of NaCl in the large war.