Extention of CE ( 4000+ ticks )


As I was saying on the other post… I think there are no good decisions here, but sticking to this tick limit is the worse decision. I would personally be very sad if this era ended with a “win” without 10 relics. To address the elephant in the room, I have nothing against Neutron or his teams, and diplomatically what he is doing is very intelligent. I do not dislike him for it.

What I dislike is that having this tick limit gives such a strong incentive for any team to collect 5 relics and then “call it a day”. The champions era should be about fighting to me, about forcing teams to prove they are the very best and can beat every other team on the map. Yes, you can win this era right now by having a score win, as everyone has rightly pointed out those are the mechanics… but I want to discuss on a deeper level whether this is really what we want BD to represent.

Answering that for myself, this is now what I want Battledawn to be like. More so this is not what I want for a championship on Battledawn, and more so this is not what I want for the final championship of Battledawn. It would leave a very sour taste in my mouth to have Battledawn end like this, and that’s why I’m glad Harvester is bringing this up for debate.


so my question is, is Sugar kael or milan?


Having a no tick limit will just kill everyone with boredom…it doesn’t change the fact having no limit or ending the era at 4k.

As Alex has stated the era will end at 4k and that’s what we all voted for so grow up and stick with the tick limit.

So there for I vote against having any such tick extension and I think many people would agree


Battle Dawn has 4 core tenants. A game of strategy, tactics, diplomacy, and skill. A champion can be a master of one, two, three, or all of these. There is no one way to play this game nor win it.

You like to fight and others like to use diplomacy. You believe that the very best are the best fighters and while I might even agree with you on that point, I disagree that only the best fighters can or should win an era. If you don’t master the other tenants of the game, then you are likely to still lose no matter how well you fight.


The biggest points I’ve seen for extending the era are:

  1. The “final” era has a gratifying ending of one alliance/coalition undoubtedly on top
  2. This is being asked relatively mid-era, I mean 1400/4000 ticks still left to play is a lot
  3. 4k tick limit was the highest option available at the time of the poll used to decide the tick limit

The biggest points against extending the limit that I’ve seen:

  1. It was decided and teams have based their strategies on that.
  2. It would be a biased decision towards the teams with less relics.
  3. Something to do with BD2 release timing I think? Not sure on this one

Personally I think asking this now rather than 500 ticks from now is a big distinction. There is still enough time in the era that if certain deals were made and grudges were put aside any group would be pushed into a corner behind a camp wall. The extension being asked for now allows every team nearly 2 months to change plans based on an extension.

The admins have made several decisions that are biased towards certain teams in this era already, and there is no way to fix that because every team has different goals in mind. Intent is important, and the intent behind extending the era is not to give one side an advantage, but to give the “final era” a fitting end. I hope the fact this is being asked now and not later in the era is enough proof of that.

If the release of BD2 lines up too evenly with the 4k tick limit then… shucks.

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LOL, kill asia first, then think about extending tick limit, its already set, and rules wont change mid era


Last time admins tried to change/add tick limit people went bonkers(CE2). i doubt they will change rule mid era.


no kidding, this game has turned into a total fucking bullshittery, alex i hope youre still the chosen one


Except that they have changed mid era before, there is precedent for this capo.

E1 Era 1 they literally extended the era until war between top alliances ended. You’re seriously telling me you’d be happy with this era ending with teams staring at eachother across campwalls because there isn’t time to get past them?

What a sad end to an era, I’m disappointed you have that opinion capo but you’re entitled to it.


Right, and if they did change this era, its an obvious admin + game owner bias because they were literally the ones who made it IMPOSSIBLE for the era to be unlimited even though we all wanted it to be unlimited, so our decisions were made as if the era was a 4k tick limit one

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What is it with everyone claiming admin/owner bias about everything? That’s a pretty lame excuse…

Imagine playing an era for nearly 3 months under the assumption that it would end at a certain tick, planning and strategizing for that end tick to now be asked to throw that all out of the window because a couple alliances finally realized that the their plans and strategies weren’t going to win them the era.


Rules wont change mid era, ERA wont be unlimited, ADMIN/OWNER words, not mine

If they were to break their own word, then thats just too obvious bias :smiley:


Imagine planning for the end of the tick limit instead of actually attempting to win the era outright in a CHAMPIONSHIP era.


I was saying this ever since the tick limit was announced, I would very much loved that to happen, but in the last year or so, I heard a lot of requests to extend the eras, but it didn’t go well. But as you say @Harvester this is CE so anything can happen

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just give crusnik all relics and let him win the era solo EZPZ

People win on their terms not yours


Guarav you started it well. This era should not be extended period, so get over it and stop whining. You knew when era began that it would end at tick 4k. I for one would be super angry if rules were again changed after being set.


I think unlimited ticks is overkill, but the way the era is going 4k ticks definitely feels too short. Maybe something like extending the era X amount of ticks until a single alliance owns the majority of relics? Then have a tick the era ends on based on that.