BattleDawn Championship Era 3

Not Cosmin and not Neutron, to be precise


What was the other colony name in AGE? I can remember Star Andromeda, I think it was Prince-something? Unless it was KillerofKillers, but I don’t think so.

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aRaB :muscle::muscle:
Frkn 20 char…


Was talking about some of the funnier parts of CE3 when I realized one of the more hilarious aspects of the entire era was still not really public knowledge.

MK obviously held all of australia and as it became more and more obvious that his presence there was not going to be tolerated with HINI massing up, MK ended up part of the AA coalition.

Seemingly forgotten by MK, he had shared his skype log in details with nopy over a year ago. Since MK had now joined the AA coalition, he was invited to a somewhat large war chat, and then was included in a larger joint leader chat with 10 other members (milan, alfie, stark, faker, carter, jazz, muha to name a few that i remember quickly).

Every day or so, a group of AM member would get in a discord call and nopy would screenshare him logging into MK’s skype and we would read all PMs and group chats. We were able to give agent locations to HINI during their war with AA, foil any spy traps they were planning, and be able to read through their overall plan and most importantly their morale in the war.

Unfortunately when YNV collapsed, the AA coalition stopped using their joint leader chat in favor of a leader chat without MK and others. If MK had continued to play and be part of the leadership circle, it could have easily been the best and most important info leak in all of BD, all without anyones knowledge. Just wanted to share a fun moment


why is this post not pinned? it will be in the history books forever

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Would just like to clarify that it was suspected very early on that MK was leaking stuff (though we thought it was from his own choice), and honestly, the mk leaders chat only had like 10% of the war info in it specifically if it involved dino or ynv. Most of the war stuff was done within team chats only or the chat between main sgc / main AA leaders.

I don’t think we (note, my team only as I cant speak for others) ever divulged our spy locations and hini certainly didn’t get our stuff because we locked them a few times, killed a few random squads and armies with spies etc. That being said, mk might have been in another chat that I wasnt apart of i.e carters teams chat or a chat between carters team / sgc, where more stuff was spilled, but I doubt it as I’m pretty sure Alfie never trusted him.

Also as excel noted, ynv collapsed very early into the war at which point we stopped using that chat almost entirely


is CE end or ATOM still winning ?


ATOM still winning ofc…


Yo, where’s my trophy though?


I didn’t get mine yet either, nor did anyone else that I know of.


I don’t know about Kenny, but yours should be coming soon Milan

What, theres a rank 2 trophy too?

yeah, im still making the banned trophy right now not sure when itll be done due to the fact he kept cheating and getting away with it so its VERY BIG!

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Alex shared pics of Milans trophy in the big chat , it has his name written on it and every 3 second the name changed into big red BANNED and then RED SMOKE starts coming out of the trophy.


Nice joke :unamused: