BattleDawn Championship Era 3

Hello Commander,

Are you ready to prove your worth? Want to show Battle Dawn that you are, in fact, the best player that ever graced the game?
Prepare to fight the very best. This is the last and best championship era on BD1. One last opportunity to reach greatness. CE3 will start on:

27 March 2020

For this championship era, we will once again feature the very best of players on Earth 1, the original BD map, watched by 2 admins.

This era the settings will be:

  • Victory award of 10000 blue tokens to be dispensed in BD1 or BD2, whichever you prefer!
  • Additional victory award of a physical trophy for every player of the winning team.
  • The special CE medals for the top-ranked players.
  • Speed of 1 tick per hour
  • Tick limit of 4000 ticks.
  • The Global Rule set will apply, with modifications to be made prior to the start of the era.
  • Whichever Alliance holds the most relics at the end of the era wins, if there’s a draw, the highest score amongst the draw wins, if the score is an (exact) draw too, no one wins.
  • Whoever holds all 10 relics for 100 ticks wins.
  • Staff will be allowed to play this era, excepting the CE2 admins, who will be open for poll at a later date.
  • 10 player alliances.

Can you prove yourself against the best of the best?

Good luck, Commander!

— Gato Games Team


Which two admins will be watching the era? So we have an idea on who or will we be voting on it?

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There will be a vote, depending on the amount of willing admins :stuck_out_tongue:

Not every admin is up for it.


I vote Ash and Josh :shushing_face:

Is the tick limit up for debate? 2500 Ticks is around 104 days which is only ~3 months


The tick limit is absolutely fine and perfect.


not at all, CE shouldn’t be determined by who can play the most during x amount of time, the longer it goes the better. Tick limits encourage battlehugging and people who are in the top 10 past tick 2000 won’t want to give up their positions. People who can boost the most and build the biggest coalition will win by default.


I’ve seen it happen on multiple e1 and e5 eras and it’s always disappointing to watch. I understand tick limits can help provide a reasonable end goal for people but I absolutely loathe them. Maybe it’ll be different for CE as the stakes are far higher but this is just my input :^)


@Alexander are colony sizes being changed?

hmmm 2500 seems kinda short, 4000 seems better


I think you meant to say the minimum tick limit is 2500 :slight_smile:

I would like to be very excited about this as I have been waiting for a third Champions Era since forever, but the 2500 tick limit is making it very difficult for me. I’m extremely disappointed, to say the least.


why do you believe that 2500 is fine?

I do think there should be a tick cap but 2500 isnt the tick cap we need.

Tho i think a lot of this has to do with them wanting to move to bd2 not fully sure but im sure some rules will be changed after the feed back theyre getting.

Championship 3 ( To prove yourself best in this game)
How would you like it to go on?
Every one try to kill each other in order to win and be proud in calling yourself ‘Best’
Every one try to defend relics for sake of victory by score ?

Trust me you shouldn’t be worried about boosting in CE xD it will happen either way short or long

This is disappointing somehow

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So an all out brawl for the last showdawn? Should be fun to watch.

So to end off BD we are having a glorified capture the flag event with a tick limit? Not sure i want to play



Thank you for the information. 2500 ticks will mean era ends in the summer. I am sure this tick limit is setup for the opening of BD2 to happen in the summer, while people are out of school and can learn to play. I love the idea of a tick limit. Some just don’t have the time to put in 6 month eras. I am also sure many will play despite the tick limit. I know of at least 5 teams right now gathering players. It should be fun. I assume the teams will be 10 person?

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