Championship Era 3 has started

Hello Commander,

Gear up and join the best of the best in the third and final championship era on BattleDawn 1. Administrated by @Malicewolf and @Simmen on Earth 1, in this era you will compete for the coveted physical championship trophy and a whopping 10.000 blue tokens to be spent in either, BattleDawn or BattleDawn 2!

Different victory conditions apply to this era, make sure to read up on them here. Additionally, make sure to read the special Championship Ruleset before playing so you don’t get banned!

Make sure to place before it closes and find an alliance on the forums if you don’t have one yet!

Good luck, Commander!


Only 1 Alliance in South america so far somebody better break that


N:1113 E:28452
Hallo there, my name is Emin and i’ve been playing this game since 2009 with a long break ranging from 2013 to 2020 but i think i still got my stuff together so if you need a player for your alliance feel free to hit me up with a offer and ill think about it.
Been playing alongside “HINI” back in the day and some other people from Mars worlds like “ABEL” “AoL” and similar so feel free to hit me up anytime you feel like making someone join you, im majorly active and know how to play the game i don’t boost but to be frank i might start depending on the situation and the offer.

With regards, the disgusting one.

Try adding me on skype:

Thank you very much.


TLDR “im sokkxz and im back, who wanna fuck shit up wif me”


ahh, back to bd. i miss it :slight_smile: