ATOMIC Family Recruits!

Hi everyone. Some of you may or may not know me. My name is Neutron and I’ve been around for a bit now here on Dot Com, ( as we ‘Kongers’ call it) I am the current leader and founder of ATOMIC Family.

( more information about me here : It's your friendly neighborhood Neutron)

So I set out to recreate a Dot Com version of my old Kongregate Battledawn Family alliance about a year ago and I’ve been building steadily to a point where we now have a decent number of members and have the foundations set to take this to the next level. This post is to serve as both an unveiling and an invitation to all who want to join us.

ATOMIC Family is group of players who believe in decency, fairness and the true core purpose of the game which is to wage good wars with respect for their opponents. The family is built on some old school principles which includes not stabbing, sticking to agreements and being loyal to each other.

We’re still a good way away from perfect but forward is forward no matter how it comes along.

My long term goal is to create a platform where new players and old players can be openly accepted regardless of country and background and get to play and learn alongside other more seasoned players/ less experienced players in actually competitive eras. ( for the win eras)
We’ve had a few successes in the past month with about 4 eras won across the worlds. Here are a few snippets. ( we’ve had some terrible losses too, I must admit)



Moving forward, we plan to be more present on future eras and bring some more excitement to the game we all love!

Pm me on the forums directly if you’re interested or have more questions. You can also hit me up on directly on Skype ( Skype name : mauricegorleku)

Long live ATOM.


Played two or three eras, and atom is such a loyal family and Neutron such a great player he is one of the few guys i know who were born playing BD


I joined ATOM over a month ago now and I can say it has been a very awesome experience. Like Neutron said we love to play the game how it’s meant to be played and play fair. A lot of great players to play with and learn from as well. I have learned a lot since joining ATOM and I know there is lots more to learn in the coming eras!


2020 BD gonna die, so whats the point?


I joined Atom officially about 2 weeks ago. I joined and left their GC twice for some particular reasons.
First time i was kicked out -_-
The second time was recently i left cause I felt I didnt want to have one particular family also the reason i wasnt an official member but after leaving i saw that thats all people want for you to be in their family cause if you cant dedicate to their family how can they trust you to be loyal.
And i decided if i was going to be in a family it will be with Atom cause they are a nice bunch,fun to play with and i’ve learned a lot from my time with them.


These posts remind me of those dubious TripAdvisor reviews


Not my fault if they’re not saying anything bad. :rofl: I did ask for honest opinions.


Ok but why is there a wolf in the logo


haha I wanted to ask that too…


I would like to apply to ATOM. I intend to teach the noobs I shit on in f1, and help them get better.


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All right you fucks. Newbtron asked me to comment here and I told him to get ready for a nice letter.

Ive gone with several alias’s over the years, Taki, Gauss, Gaussgunner, etc. if you know me good job and if you dont then fuck you but still read my story TL;DR at the end. Also I dont know if cussing is allowed here but ill post this shit on a google docs in case.

You know a lot of people hate ATOM because Neutron leads it, they call him a spammer, booster, and planter. But I’ll tell you this, that man has changed. I didnt play with him before but I have never been told, or seen someone get told, to plant next to a top player and spam them.

Now I recently started playing awhile back, when yin yong made his breakout performance, I played for a random alliance that broke down after getting nuked by yin’s fake team, and ended joining a little family called RAZZ, with kc as the leader. I didnt know much of the time but I knew this, Kc/Razz/saddy would play with his gf and he made a somewhat small family. I started playing e3 era 108 with them but I had planted in East Europe and they planted in USA. This was the same era the Neutron gets all the shit for, and someone on his team told me that if I didnt leave RAZZ that I wouldnt place top 100 in any era ever again. Now as a new player that scared the ever loving fuck outta me, and after awhile where tensions were rising, I had backstabbed RAZZ and joined the sub of the numb one. And fast forward a bit and we are fighting T in AUS, the sub was told to take care of them but I ended up suiciding my troops into Jason’s troops over and over again to no avail. Now it wasnt entirely my fault even though that fucker must have been like, ~UwU~ exp farm yes pls ~UwU~, and now he thinks he can appoligize for that? NO MORE VLOGS FOR YOU BASTARD! Im joking but everyone else knows what happened there. RAZZ was convinced that PPG, Neutron’s team, were hard boosters and thats why they were against him. Anyways I ended up joining RAZZ again and making peace with everyone there. And then Kc joined ATOM and being in debt to Kc for the stab I joined to, albeit not as a full member, my next era was a fun one, that m2 I did a full era with Razz, Python, and Rambo, making a beneficial pact with Alice and co. Alice would go on to join ATOM. AND THATS ATOM’S FIRST WIN OF THE FUCKING MONTH.

Then the big one, the fukers in ATOM were like " How about we do a ftw era on f1?" and we were like hell fucking yeah. And we had two alliances there, not your usual sub and main but two separate fucking entities, sibling alliances, TLR and LR going up against HD and JOKE. and holy shiiiiiit that was an era, like I actually got to fight a war for the first time in forever, I got one of those nice little ribbons and was able to change my name to GAUSS OF ATOM. We won because Jason had to have brain surgury and in other words HD quit basically. But in the history books ATOM took both first and second. So what thats two firsts and two seconds at this point? And then we played E1 as Noobs, Gage of IK got kicked for backstabbing us, but we ended up coming in second after having a race for highest score against XPND, Zombie you smart son of a bitch you just dont wanna die. And now Im just chillin here like chillin dude.

TL;DR as an up and coming family we really do strive for winning, but we win in a fair and square way. If you cant play by the rules then you get kicked, and if them ho’s aint loyal, well you know. Ive had a fun time playing with ATOM and I will continue to play with them because these are some of the strongest and skilled players out there. They play with their hearts and soles, we do have arguments sometimes and difficulties but thats normal for a family to have. Currently Im going to some hard times and I really want to thank those in ATOM who have supported me and have goaded me on to become
a better player. I really want to shout out my man KC, he is a great guy and I strive to be a good person like him. And then Neutron for allowing me, a total fucking newb who still doesnt understand ratios of squads or how to trap a squad of a smart player correctly, to play with him and these great people. Honestly if you have some shit against him hit me up and tell me about it, but ATOM is back and better than before we won M2, F1 and E1 (2nd counts) without boosting or using spammers or using planters. We take breaks so nobody burns out or becomes suicidal with stress. And to everyone reading this even if you never see this ATOM/KONG will always live on inside our hearts, even if , god forbid, something happens and this family disappears I will always be ATOM.

Long Live ATOM
Gauss out


Haha man. Great review. I’m glad you’ve found somewhere you belong.

I’ve never been any of those things by the way. People just like to spread lies



who doesn’t like wolves?


Goodluck for future eras , may ATOM become the best BD alliance.

Lannisters :lion:


Last time I played under ATOM it was so much fun
We made so many multies and changed each others credentials xD it was like havoc
Full enjoy. :joy:
Edit : BTW best of luck for your future eras I hope you guys get better and train those newbies into good players
BD needs such families, all the best @NeutronX


Long Live ATOM !
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I appreciate the joke. But its not really funny Abdul. I don’t know if you multi and change credentials with your teams but that’s not ATOM.

Letting comments like this slide unresponded to are how people formulate lies about something that you try so hard to build.

Thank you! and I will.


Making multies and changing credentials has always been an art
I appreciate your joke but yes that’s ATOM xD


You like then unlike, so rude I was being nice :frowning: