Admins taking side. Admin stuart must be kicked

so we play in F3.
we are LT team playing agains 4E , they plant here 2 big alliance, and we are alone, so i request some friendly help. 2 players planted for help(from begining of era) and Admin of F3 banned them when they start action . And saying that Because of they are new accounts.
They are new players in battle dawn…

new players not allowed to attack anybody? is it new rule? i can attack anybody i wish.
or if u know how to create new account with 30 achievements teach us, so when we call new player, we will do that. !
baning perm and showing is multies… what a cheap admin you are.
they are even playing from 2 different cities. not good at all…
before i was playing in m2, and i reported to much planters and teo answer only was : i cant ban poeple for attacking on you, or having friends in game is not illegal. and spamming is not illegal too…
so how rules changed that fast?
and i know u will remove this post as soon as u seen, like always they does… and i want to ask once more for proof of multies. post here result of pc/computer adress that we all can see who is doing bitching
Sry for bad english .

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  1. Different admins have differing policies when it comes to spamming. Don’t clump them and say “Admins are taking sides”

  2. More importantly, it seems they planted and started to spam. That is different from randoms planted from before spamming you. The former is spamming, a clear offense, the latter is just people being people.

Take the effort to think about the differences in circumstances, and why the results were different. NOt everyone is out to get you. And, bitching about admins is definitely not going to help you lol


staurt banned them because of 4E team request xD… and i request to ban all of them! xD , could u do starut?

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we are not playing long time,we new started game for friendly help,and starut ban us get paid


we are protest admin’s bad act. and stop playing here. u can ban me too, ign Legion F3
you cant just ban anybody u wish . abusing your status.
i dont care anymore. fuk you and your stupid game.
im not sleeping more than 2 days , only slept 3 hrs total. and we play here 8 vs 30 , and does better job killed their many units ,conquered them with few loss. and 30 players not enough, still u helping them too and there is many little battles which not need to put ss, and u can visit F3 see who is does better! they hired all F3 players against us.
i disband team now and kicking out everyone. and u get paid already for 4E , all happy

Wow, I am sorry you had a bad experience with Admin on this world. I would suggest you talk to that admin about the situation. We all have disagreements with admins at times, and we all have admins we prefer to play in their worlds due to how they handle situations. I’m not sure that admins particularly take sides, but I do know some admins are extremely harsh where as some are very lenient. I prefer to play under Joe, as Joe is lenient and therefore the worlds can be pretty wild at times. I find Ash to be harshest in his decisions, but some like harsh decisions, and enjoy playing under him. I think it’s a preference. But to come here and curse and yell and act out won’t get you anywhere. I suggest you delete this thread and go speak to the admin directly.


I don’t think so XD


You clearly stated and i QUOTE:

Requesting planters is a perma ban offense, and is stated in the rules made by the community and admins. Requesting for colonies to be planted for spamming is seen as an advantage to the other team hence is ban worthy. I know Theo and Joe enforce this rule very highly for their worlds and to see Stuart do this as well is good.

The only time where admins will NOT ban spammers is when they were orginally planted at the start of the era or before war has commenced.

So don’t cry about 4E cheating, you had the advantage this whole era, and you decided to attack 1978 and 4E at the same time so what myself and the community on F3 can see it is your own fault for warring 4E in the first at the same time as 1978 :slight_smile:

So man up and stop crying about admins taking sides CAUSE THEY DON’T


i sent my nudes to @Alexander he wouldn’t say me no :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




i think a lot more people should be banned then…


They were banned for multi not because they planted to help. If you multi then you will get banned. Simple as that

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Depends, if they like you they might just temp ban you, you never know :face_with_monocle:

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I am actually confused on this rule also, for instance I asked an admin if it was allowed to have someone plant who is neutral and not in your alliance to build a force smaller with your troops combined than a target colony in the hopes that the ingame rule for third parties in a fight have the two weaker sides fight the larger army together then fight each other. I would have assumed it was bannable as it is detrimental to people in the early game but it seems it is allowable as long as they arent multies. Can someone just flat out draw up a rulelist for late allies joining an era?

We should have an evolving rulelist as alot of tricks that are controversial are flat out ignored in the rulelist let alone the barebones wiki…

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@ we dont playing to potest admin and request to remove him from game. go ahead and take everything
this noob admin saying me u cant have 2 account for different era… its cause of ban

and im saying all 4e members using multipe account , go ahead ban them. still noob asking proof from me, proof is yourself, u can check ip logins . know your job or leave your job

they were not fking multies or planters. They were there from begining of game . stop saying this or show your ip/pc details proof . i keep ask proof and finally he accepted banned them not for multies, but having 2 account. and game rules says u can have 1 account and 1 colony for per world
u can have 5 colony with 5 different accounts for different eras, anway if its cause of ban , 50% bd players must get banned. im waiting. know your job or leave game. im asking to kick staurt from game!

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and stop saying that we are using multies, this bastard 4e spreading this about us.
all of 4e using multi control, account share , and owned many accounts
all of them must be perm banned and admin stuart must be kicked out from position for abusing he’s status to sell era

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ok noob, show me if they had 2 colony in 1 world…
u banned them for having 2 accounts for different eras
u are noob. leave this game. and stop bully with people.
rule says u can have 1 account and 1 colony for per world u can have 5 account and 5 different game for another worlds. u cant do this u are noob

also they were not planter. they were planted from begining of here and build up waiting to my commands, and u banned them when they start action. 4E got 24 more players support. and i had only 2, why u did that noob, leave your job !

u cant abuse your status
and he asking me about proof if 4E account share, u are dumb or what, u are adming, u can check it immeditly. but anyways i showed you proof of login details which is they shared in group too. u still not ban 4e for account share… u are such bad. shame on you. leave your job.

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and u dumb, planters and spammers is legal as long as played by real player . you cant ban anybody for attacking on someone

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