Why do you play Battledawn?

Everyone should have their own reason to stick to this game for a long time. So i thought maybe someone wanted to share what pleasure they get from playing this and what is fun for them in battledawn.

For me , whenever i am stressed in real life and wasting my time thinking about things which i cannot control i move to BD , i mean i am still stressed but now i am stressed about calling teammates to move , backstabs , eots and all this make me forget about my real life problems.Also as my job mostly involves sitting in front of computer screen for a lot of time of the day so i enjoy spending it playing an era or talking some random stuff with our BD folks i met.

whats ur reason???


I play because I love strategy games in general. Each serious Battledawn era I play presents a different challenge tactically. Some are easy, some are not. But thinking of plans, battle strategies, ways to outwit my opponents and ways to coordinate several unrelated steps into one big master plan gives a thrill you can’t find in most other games where the strategy is usually less long term than in Battledawn.

This game also gives a good reflection on life itself. Things in real life are controlled by time (ticks). You need other people to suceed ( good diplomacy ), you need to learn to work with people you may not necessarily like ( social skills), People may betray you ( the stabbers) , some hate you for no reason ( the trolls) , the rich get their way through most things in life ( the boosters) but you need to be one step ahead everyone if you want to be at the pinnacle of success. (:rofl:)

Thanks for staying tuned.


i play it because it is gay and gay is love <3


Well tbh i play this game because i love diplomacy and diplomacy actually plays a real important role in this game
As @NeutronX has explained already Battledawn is a game where you sort out strategies, tackle the opponent and plan it all up.


Eh, for me, i think I’ve really stuck around because of the folks I’ve met in this game. Even though sometimes the community can be… well, you all know :joy:, overall i love the folks on this game. While I do love the gameplay itself, it’s tiring to play well, as we all know. So i’m not sure i’d have actually stuck around if it weren’t for the people.


that was a great anwser


I didn’t view it under that specific angle in my first few years of playing; however, the answer to the question came to me last fall during one of my daily afternoon walks as I was pondering what exactly has my life turned out to be thus far. During one thought experiment, I had written a list of questions addressing where life improvements should be made and what are the prospects for the next five years, among them questions concerning why I used to do things in a particular way and the reason I kept doing them for so long including this one seemingly important question: why do I play battledawn? For me, there had to be a reason why I liked to play this game to the point of addiction in much the same way there had to be a reason why I liked mathematics and philosophy. I went on further to think there also must be a connection among the latter preoccupations and battledawn, some sort of trait they all shared. It appeared to me that the thing these three had in common is that they are each a disinterested form of art in a particular way (disinterested as in something I do for its own sake without expecting anything but satisfaction and consolation in return) and which really is the reason why I liked to play this game alongside doing mathematics or reading philosophy.

When it comes to mathematics, at least in its pure branch, what exactly do I expect to draw from practicing all sorts of problems and trying to see the underlying patterns guiding me straight to the solution? Nothing in practical terms, however when appreciated for its own sake much satisfaction is to be drawn from taking the time to think in mathematical terms about the best possible way to come to a solution.

Now moving to philosophy, what exactly do I get from reflecting upon fundamental questions of philosophy namely ‘what is good?’, ‘what is beauty?’, ‘what is love?’, ‘what is the meaning of life?’, ‘does god exist?’ and so on and which preoccupy everyone from amateurs like myself to the greatest minds of our day. Consolation mainly, especially after having come to my own conclusions that life was inherently absurd and that the only meaning it has is the one I give to it through my actions. Yet again, nothing to be drawn in practical terms.

Finally on battledawn. I think the reason I like it has to do with something we all need as humans and it is a platform where we can dispense our violent and primitive impulses as desiring, waging wars, conquer a portion of land and call it our own, however in a way that does not bring physical harm to anyone. From hunter-gatherers forming tribes to acquire resources for survival to a game where precisely the same features coexist in a patchwork of competition, strategy and diplomacy in which players form alliances to win. ‘‘What does it have to do with art?’’ one may well ask. Well, I believe any activity where our violent human impulses may be sublimed into beauty and harmony (for instance, an alliance in which players work harmoniously well together, move together in wars, participate in acquiring as much outposts and conquers as possible each in his own spot and so forth) is worth of being called a disinterested form of art.

All three preoccupations seem to me to share that one same characteristic as disinterested aesthetic contemplation (that which deals with what is beautiful and harmonious) from mastering a concept in mathematics, to viewing things under different angles and come to form our own consoling conclusions in philosophy and dispensing our violent impulses on the virtual battlefields this beautiful game has to offer.

That’s all.


I used to play because of the pleasure id get after a week of hunting for a war winning BR


At first i want to accomplish something in the game, first it was medals and have 34 ach. Well ofc thats what most newbie wants. But later i had fun just interacting with friends and do something and have a great time.


It is about the community and the experience. I like the thrill of being in an era having to message 20 people to solve diplo issues. Or a solid war. Granted i am still fairly new only starting back in November. But i am here and I enjoy the ride. When I am not on BD, I am on skype giving people shit and taking it all in also.


I was/am never much really into gaming nor much into internet even though I had access to unlimited internet from the time when internet in my country was something which every home didn’t have at that time. BD is my first online game/hunting.

I was introduced to this game by my brother when I was in 8-9th grade in school. He emphasized how we need to talk to real players, how we need to negotiate,Diplo etc which caught my attention and I got hooked to this game. I spent all that summer playing this game with all my activity and I really enjoyed it. But as time went by Uni entrance examination and other important examination became priority and BD was put on back seat.

Even now after I have entered Uni I’m unable to devote the same amount of time as I did once in my early times. Thought I would play this summer but internships and field training takes majority of my time, maybe I’m poor at multitasking idk, but I do remember very long back Malicewolf once told me he is most Afraid of college students as he finds them to more active than school going or people having job. Maybe Josh you need to teach me this multitasking stuff other than all the things which you have already taught me over the years.

Even though I don’t really find time to play but I still stick around for the same reason most of the guys do and that is the community,friends and foes you make in this journey. Other than my old alliance friends most of whom have already retired, in recent times I really enjoy talking/discussing/debating/arguing with Gaurav George BaBaBaBaBane _Abdulrafayyy Alexander @Simmen @ Larry @Greeny both the Zains, abbasi @Annonymu5 @EnerGY Excel @sasuke96 Leobratce, carter @Fluffeh @leero, @Irrational @wanheda , Naman (Louis), _Abdulrafayyy Shibu885 @hassanshakoor kazu NeutronX Gauss taki on a daily basis in our mass BD skype chat. We discuss debate fight argue from simplest things to sophisticated things and since BD is the thing which brought us together I do couple of eras once in a while or the special event eras organised by josh and Alex.

There are many players who started playing much after I started but are now more hardened players, you will also find players whom I helped during their initial years and now they have left me much behind in terms of skills.

I still help around new players and try to make them feel like home and try to add them to our mass BD skype chat with the aim that they interact with other players and do networking for finding alliances.

It’s been 7-8 years that I have been around and I don’t know for how many more years to come will I be around


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i play to boost my all ready huge ego


It’s funny you say this because twenty days or so ago I needed some practice for an English exam that took place five days after and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a well-structured and well-written essay describing precisely why I like to play BattleDawn and it would have to be, to put it very simply in one phrase, for its own sake. I also thought it’d be an original idea to insert why I played the game into a more comprehensible whole by linking it to two of my main ‘real-life’ preoccupations after having identified what makes the same way in a way. This I believe has to be the gist of my essay if you want a more compact version since you all seem to be too lazy to read (that’s a joke of course).

I play the game, do mathematics and read philosophy because it is a lot of fun and nothing else.


Neutron’s answer resonates with me!