Ways to Gather Blue Tokens

I just wanted to compile a list on the forum for every way you can get Blue Tokens. I wanted to organize it by difficulty to acquire and amount gained. Please reply with any other ways that you can get tokens that I have missed and I will add it here.

Daily bonus:

Day 6 and 7 reward you with 25 and 120 tokens respectively.
Difficulty - Minimal, just log in once a day
Reward - Decent amount, Although it takes a while to accumulate


Range from taking an outpost to being the number one player
Difficulty - Varies, From “Stupid Simple” to “May God Help You”
Reward - Quite good, But only available once each.

(I would like to acquire a list of every achievement, and the rewards each give exactly if anyone can help or do the research for me. Please and thank you!)


Gathering UFOs on the map may give 5 - 10 tokens (Need Confirmation, Wiki says nothing about it)
Difficulty - Simple if you know how, Achievement Guide has some tips (Look under “Caught 50 UFOs”)
Reward - Seems small, But adds up quickly

Free Tokens Menu:

Complete surveys for 10 - 20 tokens, Installs give 100 - 400, and purchases give 1000+
Difficulty - Unknown, I haven’t tried it
Reward - Probably not worth it for surveys, Installs and purchases are up for debate


May be down right now, Please confirm
Give a player your link and get 200 (Wiki says 50) tokens when the get to 30 power
Difficulty - Depends on your effort, You can just spam your link or try to help them get to 30 power as well
Reward - Hard to say, 200 is more than worth it but 50 is a little low

Verify Email:

Sends an Email to you to verify your account for 50 tokens
Difficulty - Any other game requires this to start
Reward - Not much, but super quick and easy


Getting a wreckage gives you a chance at 25 - 50 tokens, but usually gives a fairly large amount of one resource.
Difficulty - Depends on ETA, Spawns every hour but you never know where
Rewards - Very few tokens after taking into account the reward chance, but still very good for other resources

Winning an Era: (Suggested by Crash and AlbinoAndPreto)

Win an era as a top player, alliance, or special condition. Depends heavily on what era you are in. Bonus rewards can be acquired in certain events. Number 1 gives thousands of tokens and decreases greatly the lower you go, according to the era you are in.
Difficulty - Hard, Unless you have a couple friends who work with you to get ahead
Reward - Large, Basically the biggest way to make tokens


Just win eras 4head


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i skimmed ur post but you seemed to have forgotten winning gets you alot of tokens… not really alot but yeah 3k approx. 3k goes by quick tbh

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Sometimes look out for special events or eras. Admins will sometimes be more active and reward activity with little games. I’ve done it a few times, I know simmen’s done it as well. I’m sure some other’s have too.

Also, i may also suggest you play on Galaxy 3. It’s the world I admin and at the moment, it’s fairly hard to not get blues if you play it this round with a few folks. Won’t necessarily be a lot, but blues are blues :slight_smile:


Idk if it’s been said or not but you can Daily bonus on BD and Galaxy to get double.