Achievement Guide

Hey Battle Dawners!

Now some people will think this guide is a bit of a cheat but its what most people have done to complete achievements and therefore I’d like to share it with everyone.

This guide will cover how to complete the harder achievements that often seem quite hard to do. Many require a winning era or a friend to help out.

Achievements not covered:

  • Caught your first UFO
  • Conquered a hostile colony
  • Captured an outpost/Capture 50 outposts
  • Captured your first wreckage/capture 10 wreckage’s
  • Destroyed a missile or a dragon!
  • Launched your first missile or dragon
  • Razed an outpost
  • Built all structures
  • Reached power level 50, 100 & 150
  • top 5, 20, 50 & 100 Player
  • Member of a Top 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 Alliance
  • Captured your first relic and hold it until havoc starts
  • Rebelled successfully - (Why would you want this??)

These achievements aren’t covered as they can be gained simply by playing the game and should be complete-able without any additional help.

Recruit 1000 units:
Recruit lots of infantry!

Destroyed 25 Missiles or Dragons:
The best way to complete this achievement is to head over to E5 with a friend. Build the required structures and get your friend to launch a nuke every 50 ticks at an outpost next to you. You’ll easily have enough E to do this in the 2500 tick eras and could even complete the launch 100 missiles at the same time. Alternatively on a winning era get a friend to nuke you and convert your massive income to Ion every nuke.

Conquered 50 colonies
Simple as conquering and liberating 1 colony repeatedly. Easier to do with a banned colony as they’ll never suddenly recruit units. No income is lost by reconquering the tick after they are liberated.

Captured 10 relics and hold them until havoc starts
Capture 10 or more relics so that your stats end with at least 10 on relics captured and then end the era holding at least 1 relic.

Launched 100 Missiles or Dragons
Similar to Destroyed 25 Missiles or Dragons. E5 is the best place for this, easiest I’ve found is become the nuke resource to the nearest high ranking player and launch nukes to colonies they ask to be hit or launch them at random targets.

Top 1 Player
Ask to hold all the relics at once. Does require being friends with the winning team or alternatively be on the winning team.

Member of the most powerful alliance in the World!
Same as above.

Razed 50 outposts
Create and raze 50 outposts… doesn’t cost as much as you think and easily doable.

Caught 50 UFOs

Now as far as I’m aware since the update to UFOs there wasn’t a method to completing this apart from searching the world every tick possible. Since revealing to a few how to complete this the easy way it has become quite a common achievement to have and doesn’t take that long to get.

Catching 50 UFOs is best done on mars with some settings altered to best catch the UFO.

Firstly you’ll want a brand new era on Mars which i heavily advise you not to be playing.
Feel free to plant anywhere and skip the tutorial.

Set your zoom to the furthest out that’s still at zoom level 1 as shown below

This may still not be very zoomed out, if this is the case use your browser to zoom out (Ctrl -) adjusting it to a view more like this

Now that you can see a large area of the map turn off all visuals. The only thing that remains will be the UFOs and satellite scans.

Panning around the map should then reveal the UFO in under 1 minute. Good advise is to pan the edge of the map first as thats where the UFO more often is (no idea why) and then take each land area 1 by 1.

Hopefully you’ve now found a UFO pretty easily!

This can repeated every 4 ticks no matter what the tick speed. Catching it on tick 1 means it won’t appear next until tick 5.

As the UFOs only spawn every 4 ticks its impossible to gain this achievement in less than 197 ticks. The quickest I’ve seen it done is 334 ticks by Mew (I got it 4 ticks later the same era)

Random fact: you gain 5-10 blues per UFO. If you got every UFO in BD for a week you’d earn over 1000 tokens.


@Holo @WinzKay this is quite helpful if you want to get achievements.