Unannounced Change to Ruleset?

Thats a poor impersonation of the admins. Ur supose 2 say “please go away. You have 400 ticks before i ask nicely again and give you 400 more ticks to comply. You wont be punished in any way”


Please, can you just go away please? Please. Go away. Please.


the wiki is quite out dated in regards to everything.
no point referencing it.


the Player A launched attacks before he got conquered (and even landed)

However, like I said: There is no change of any rule necessary. Everything was within the rules
And if there are no new arguments, I’d like to close this topic.

If any general rules will be changed on e3 in future, I will announce it of course. (Might happen as an addition to the rules for asking friends for building a wall of camps to completely disable access to an area)
But all in all, I don’t like if things are getting too overcomplicated and regulated.
If all are following common sense, none of you will ever got a problem with me. And if you still have: Please hit me up on skype or here at the forum. I am a human and you can talk to me :P. I do mistakes as well and I am always willing to listen to the “other side”. Especially right now as I just came back after a break of 2 years and some things have changed.

G, bringing this stuff into public beforehand or even c/p private conversations into a chat of 400 people when I am tired at 11pm and definitely not working the day anymore doesn’t help much.



Idk that sounds like they broke a rule


What 10 friends, this is all we have left… Everyone else hate us :frowning:


Yet again we are faced with Ilona and her shenanigans. It’s like some of us don’t remember the account sharing incident she had with players Kreative and Strategy (forgive me for forgetting their real names) where it was proven in multiple ways by multiple people that they shared accounts during an era with each other but managed to avoid getting banned or received any warning whatsoever. Coincidentally, Ilona was the administrator for that particular world. @Ilona please hand over your “power stick” to a different admin and spare us from your incompetence and foolishness.


i dont even know how you guys manage to run into a time where you can even break a rule, i dont know the rules, but i have never had a problem. Just play like it is meant, and dont try to use loopholes. easy