Should Cosmin be allowed to finish CE?


Recently it has come to our attention that some players are concerned about Cosmin, who bought the game in 2019, playing the championship era.

To be clear:

  • The same rules apply to him as to everyone else.
  • He has no authority over the administration or involvement in daily management. I am CEO, and yet someone else is director. He has never seen the admin tools and some admins have never spoken him. His own focus is on BD2.
  • He is not boosting and will not boost for this era.

Regardless, the happiness of our players comes first, as such he’s decided to leave it up to a vote. If more than 50% votes against him playing, he will be removed from the Championship Era.

  • Yes, Cosmin should be allowed to play the Championship Era
  • No, Cosmin should not be allowed to play the Championship Era

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This poll will be open until Monday.


Pointless poll imo.
He owns the game, therefore allowing us all to play it. Least he can do is play his own game.


I’m gonna go buy a ps5 and then put a poll out to my friends and family regarding whether I should be able play it or not (facepalm)


g buy a dildo, ask your family if you can use it :slight_smile:


Show us who voted no :smirk:
I wanna see who the real salty losers are.

SHOW US @Alexander


Is there anyway to mak it so you can change your vote in light of new information? Forum is getting interesting xD
(I haven’t voted yet btw)

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I have been in no way bribed or coerced into voting to allow him to play which tbh disappoints me :frowning: but yeah seriously it’s a game, sure maybe he haxxoref bd for all the reds but people who played with him or saw him play before he owned bd saw he had all the reds. Some people are just salty he isn’t backing them or w/e.

An owner of a game playing and actively taking interest in it, provides assurance to us the players that the game is in very good hands. When it comes to abusing authority i think we all know the admins would strongly protest it.

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just hit show votes again and u can change it

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i’m not on either side so i don’t really have loyalties with anyone. i’m only a believer in honesty and people keeping their word. no offense against him playing BD, more power to him. But he did say that he wasn’t going to play when it was brought up before. I can guarantee that 90% of all votes weren’t “i agree with this” or “i disagree with this” but more along the lines of “i benefit from this” and “i am hurt by this” and the results would have been completely different and possibly more honest if this were done before the era started


How does one non boosting player have such a vast effect on so many players?

I agree that he should overall be allowed to play if hes non-boosting and doesnt get any help from admins. but this is the complaint brought up by some players:

the issue is that all the boosting other players do on that world goes to him as income. and if he were to boost, he would get most of his money back since hes basically buying reds from himself. something along those lines.

which i kind of agree with as being a problem IF it were to happen but he isn’t boosting, so there is no real issue. it seems most people that try to argue against him being there are people playing against him. so its completely partisan and their qualms with him are more about having to fight him.

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Current opinion as a neutral:
Yeah he did break his promise he wouldnt play CE3 but as a player who also said the same thing, i tottally understand why he wants to play.

Perspective if enemy:
Made teams and coalitions, diplo and everything with the idea he wasnt here.
Some people counted on him not playing

Tough decision but voted yes because he is a player whose heart has a corner for BD, and those are the ones who will support it forever

Btw, he can see who voted yes or no, so why not make it public anyway


I say let him boost too!


I guess I must say, I am disappointed that this is even a topic on forums, after believing Cosmin at his word when this was an earlier discussion before CE began. Integrity is one thing I value above all else in a person and a company. Guess it goes back to that old saying it’s easier to beg forgiveness once the deed is done.


Also would be good to point out everyone was angry with Angel when she suggested he shouldn’t be playing and were like “are u happy now cause of u he isn’t playing” and probably the same people are against it now.

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he can boost if you send him your own reds :smiley:

@Angelwings you did say you won’t be playing

My exact words were…I am not playing CE, I will just support a team. Sooo…I am supporting MSA and Fear…just like I said.



That doesn’t really have much to do with whether think he should be allowed to play lmao.