Rant @ You 'Vet' Players

Welcome to my shitpost, tonight I will be ranting at 95% of the ‘Veteran’ players of BD. I will try not to call anyone out by specific name (for once) because you already know who the hell I am talking about and your own egos will instantly make you want to qualify as a ‘Vet’.

A quick Q&A to eliminate the first 75% of posts off of this:

Q: Why does your opinion matter?
A: It doesn’t in the grand scheme, but you people are so insecure you can’t resist any slight at your egos. Iv’e been around for years, beat all of the ‘big names’ at least once from an underdog position, and broke an Earth era I planted on for fun alone by holding 5 relics hostage for an extra 1.5k ticks. I am the most annoying person to fight 1v1 outside of Lamp.

Q: Fuck you, you don’t even play anymore
A: Do I? How would you know? Iv’e been active on the forums for that entire time I’ve been gone.

Q: Are you drunk?
A: You think I’d be shitposting on BD forums if I wasn’t? Wasting time with craft projects, traveling, and drinking before I start my PhD this Spring.

Now, onto the meat.

Do you all have no real self-respect? You all have been forming super-teams for years of idiots who waste $100+ on dead eras just to out-boost each other. How does this actually satisfy the gaping wholes in your lives? I seriously do not understand. I understand the desire to win at all costs, I do no understand why you don’t actually try to ever challenge yourselves anymore. BattleDawn has become an obvious and pathetic display of vanity from you folk. People know when your medals are truly earned or whether you are a rent-boy like George. Using 30 peons is just as sad as sucking up to somebody willing to drop more money than yourself. You are fooling nobody.

Why are you afraid of fighting? The only real reason that all of the top-boosting players play on the same teams these days is because they are afraid of actually fighting. I can’t think of any other single reason besides genuine, deep-rooted cowardice. You think you are actually as good as your medals count? PROVE IT FOR ONCE. Stop using subs, encourage your own trainees to find their own independence. Your own competition will increase and your own enjoyment of winning will increase with it once you have to put in effort again. But you all won’t, because I genuinely believe the big-names, family leaders, big-boosters, and those that would rather grovel at a token-daddy’s feet than fight for yourself are pansies inside and afraid of failure to the highest level.

You will respond to my accurate criticisms by attacking my character, yet you know I am right.

You all are just circle-jerking yourself into a dead game while there’s still potential to save things. But no, momentary vanity is more important than genuine enjoyment. That’s why I have hated you all and have fought ‘the big names’ every step.

I await the flaming with open arms. You fucks know I’m right.


I love you for this… best post i’ve read on this forum hands down


lmao who is this in reference to? Heck in the past year there have been multiple “competitive” eras with boosters all spread around on the map. Also which “super team” spends $100+ if they want to farm a world? That’s completely counterproductive to what a farming alliance aims for.


lol I have to agree, BD is often the same as gambling or those who have that money kink. Honestly think its the buildup to the win that matters, gotta lose loads to truly enjoy a proper win ha

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eh, honestly, some of this is a bit true. Most will avoid a hard fight. Not that i can blame them really. I mean, isn’t the goal to win in the easiest way possible (for most)? And that easiest way is have lots of friends/allies, and spending more money makes things immensely easier to overpower your enemy. Especially nowadays when most aren’t savvy enough to know how to turn the tides when they are behind. Can’t tell you how many times I see a big team give up and lose because they “didn’t have as big an army”… well then, stop trying to take the enemy head on in a big battle… take out 1 squad at a time in their spams and eventually, they’re down 10 squads. Or just play more patiently and wait for the enemy to make the mistake you can capitalize on. God forbid, you lose some more sleep playing an era seriously.

HOWEVER, as i said before, can’t blame people for trying to win in the best way possible (and best usually means easy). I’ve had plenty of interesting eras that I’ve played, BUT i’ve also sabotaged my own teams success rates in order to do so. Times when it would be obvious we should join a war to reap rewards and gain more territory, i’d hold back on. Ganging up on the biggest baddy on the map, I’d pass. Being the 3rd party on a map that threatened both sides (and risked both coming after me instead). None of these are the smart way to win eras… but, they did make the eras very competitive and interesting.

BIGGEST issue is that folks always turn the map into 1 side vs the other and all the others to “pick a side”. The reason things were interesting back in the “old days” was because we had enough competition that would stand up for themselves and only themselves. Sure, they’d teammate up with another team to go after some other guy, BUT both teams KNEW that the other was planning to kill them after and BOTH were trying to gain the upper hand while “helping” each other. AKA, both were hoping the other team would take the big battle. And you could best, both teams leaders were likely talking with the guy they were fighting to get on his “good” side after the way so they could immediately turn on their “ally” afterwards. Now… if someone picks a side, they are either a planted team or they already agreed to take 2nd, 3rd, etc.


When I think of top shelf players I think of lamp, yes, but you never crossed my mind. In fact, I think of you more as a weird, pompous troll


I have literally no idea who you are, John. You clearly didn’t read my Q&A which covered your useless comment, anyway.

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i skimmed it to about a quarter then realized it all sounded very pretentious… i felt like it was a fanfare to yourself and uh i skipped the rest after you said something about lamp

yeah it was kind of boring and a waste of time


Valid criticisms. I forgot I need to include TL;DR’s on these things because BattleDawners expect everything to be easy and handed to them on a platter.

If you were expecting some peer-reviewed essay when I literally started with, “Welcome to my shitpost”… that’s on you


To give some real discussion, I don’t think people really form super teams. At least in the sense that I don’t think there are unbeatable teams planting in eras. And skilled players generally gravitate to playing with other good players. I always regret playing in eras with people who arent very experienced with slightly large wars or with people who dont put the time or the effort into eras, because it makes my time that much harder trying to carry deadweight.

People do plant with waay too many players or have people plant for them waay too much, and it’s so awful for the game. When an era gets slightly challenging you hear them asking literally everyone in their contact list to either plant to fight for them, plant to spam/E farm for them, or harrasing everyone on the opposing side that is their friend to swap to their side.

I think this has always happened to some degree, but as Josh pointed out people turn the map to one side vs the other because there arent enough players independent from each other to create more than two factions usually.

I think part of the reason it becomes one side vs the other usually is because if two big alliances are fighting, whoever wins will gain so much territory and income it becomes near insurmountable so you need to get involved.


I’m still one of the true believers in this game. It’s not easy, and I sometimes want to just stop doing it the hard way but what’s the point if there’s no real uphill challenge. BD has room for every type of character.


I’ve wanted to come back to this but wanted to take some time to actually think about how I want to phrase my opinions here to avoid the instant Sakrie hate-jerk.

Stands up on soapbox

This is just what baffles me about a war-game, and the people who play it. It’s a goddam game. The journey is the game, not the moment of victory. I play games because I enjoy the gameplay and having fun in the process, I do not need to win to feel I accomplished something. People are so afraid of losing that they forget to actually do anything with their time. Nobody ever tries anything new.

The game dies by the mentality of the players.

That’s why I made this thread. The ‘veterans’ who all think they are great are nothing without their little ‘in-groups’.

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There still are some people who plant and dont really care about families. While a lot of eras are dead there are some good ones that pop up, i agree not enough but some do happen. Also unless CwL or SGC or Neutron is playing very few people actually update the forums on eras and sometimes genuinely nice eras with lots of wars happening and boosting slip through the cracks as lots of newer(non vets) people dont really bother to comment on the eras. An example is an f2 i recently played(ik personal bias) I felt the era was really fun and tried to hype it but there was very little engagement from the people playing and from personal map viewing there was activity. However a lot of the people playing arent regarded by anyone as being vets and most them played really well- more actively than most vets these days. In this example i got messages by some of my alliance members to stop posting on forum as it will lead to many people to plant and that wont be good over all. That is something i ignored as i welcome more wars as thats whats fun .

To conclude point of example is there are non vet players who do occasionally have good war eras that dont get posted on forum. Some people actively avoid forum posting as they feel if they gain attention people will plant to kill them and make era harder.

Most of your points are correct thou.


Agree with all except the part where you call them “vets”, cuz youre a vet yourself and i dont think you put yourself in the same group with people youre talking about
I made a couple of these posts when i moved to .com and figured everyone was playing in families, with spammers and energy whores, subs and loyal lemmings. But back then i got 99% backlash because the eyes of the dogs werent seeing the game dying…yet.
I like how that attitude has changed for the better so lets just find a way to make the game play out with more than two sides, eh?


I shitpost on the forums for a living these days, Capo. I am a problem too, just in a different way.

When I played actively, I still wouldn’t put myself in the same category as most.

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I like where this conversation is going


why is this the trust thing i have ever heard, about Lamp I mean. Like fuck you Lamp some people need sleep to live


Well I mean there are 2 ways to win in BD.

1- Red tokens

2- Be more active and you’ll eventually confuse the enemy into suiciding their Red Token Army

Some crazy people actually have the self control to do things like the Pomodoro Technique of time management

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Hi sakrie how r u now?

Much better than last month, new prescription seems to be taking care of the health issues. Still lurking, probably will play again eventually.