Question relating to battledawn, client, flash and so on


There have been many eras in battle dawn, but now the game itself has ended one, and a new one begins. I am going to ask some questions, mostly to Alexander himself. Firstly, BattleDawn is in flash, and while I don’t have a problem with that, flash games are decreasing in popularity, do you have plans to create new clients? I would recommend Discord if you do, they have one of the highest revenue splits for the devs, as well as being a very popular medium for gamers. You could still have the browser based client, but I think another client that runs on something else would do good for keeping the game alive. You should also establish a discord server for battle dawn, or team up with the BDA [BattleDawn Academy] and give it life as the official server for discord. Steam is also an option, or simply just releasing a client for download on the website. The choice truly is yours.

And since battle dawn is in flash, how about a link for flash projector? Flash player runs quite a bit better than browsers do for flash game.

And finally, what are some examples of ‘events’ that can happen in battle dawn, such as the one that has been hinted to happen in M3?


A future without flash has been planned for. I don’t know if anything is set in stone but Steam was the most likely option.

Examples of events that have been mentioned are zombies, king of the hill, factions, draft era, black vs white


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There’s plenty of options on the table outside of flash. Which one Alexander will decide to take ultimately, I’m not positive at this point. But there are plenty of options and I can assure you, he’s thought about them. BD will not end with flash era ending. So no need to worry on that front.

As for events, there will be plenty (that is pretty much my job infact). Factions/Unlimited Alliances were similar in nature. King of the Hill. Battle Contest. BD Showdown (draft). There’s been plenty run in the past and I’m always happy to try to put together new ideas as well if possible.

As for the M3 event. It will likely be an unlimited event world this time around (unfortunately, we’re gonna wait a bit on Zombie era).




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