Question relating to battledawn, client, flash and so on


corgii like*
And a tinge of wolf too :slight_smile:


Josh pretty much covered it, but thank you for thinking along :slight_smile:

I’ve a version working for Flash Projector, if other people are interested, I’ll look into releasing it?


Put a poll for it? That’d be a great way to gauge things, and pin it.


To be fair, if you ask someone ‘would you like it?’ about most things they’re bound to say yes. The enthusiasm they get to spread it etc says more I think :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you not comment on someone else being called a wolf.


To be fair, on the player side of things there’s no real reason to not have a flash link, but for the devs it’s different. There’s also that, we have nothing to lose by having it, but you guys do.