New BD not Working macOS Big Sur

Can’t seem to figure out how to run BD. I downloaded the new crap and that’s what I got.

Running MacOS Big Sur

There is a special download for macs. @Alexander can you help?

You’ll have to follow the instructions as well, sorry :\ Haven’t duked out yet how to package it in a way instructions aren’t needed but will later.

You can also use Puffin or a retro browser.

Those instructions aren’t working when you open terminal—its missing some files apparently

Are you sure you downloaded the mac version and have the terminal in the right folder? It worked for the others

Yes im pretty I have…Could upload a vid on creating the correct terminal folder for new Mac users

What message do you get?

Got skype?

One of the files is not available

Please don’t insult our community, it’s not their job to help you if they don’t want to.

If you check your PM inbox, I PM’d you asking you to share your terminal results (which can sometimes contain privacy sensitive stuff) almost a week ago.

Please respond there for further help, I need to know what is actually going on with your PC to be able to help you. I cannot help you simply through the knowledge that something isn’t working.