BattleDawn 1 Mac Client

For our Mac users…

It should work the same as the Windows one, but please be aware that the mac version seems a little janky on different versions of MacOS.

Please report any problems on skype.

Download BattleDawn 1.5.3 for Mac

BattleGalaxy version will be released after this one is a bit more stable. Please use Puffin, Parallels or an old browser for Galaxy until then.

On Catalina and after you have to run a couple of commands to get it working.

In the folder, right click -> “Open Terminal Here”.

Type xattr -cr "Run BattleDawn" enter
xattr -cr "client/Contents/MacOS/Flash Player" enter

We’ll smooth this out later. The usual option (the one we use for Windows) unfortunately does not work for Mac OS :frowning:

Run BattleDawn should work then. Can also double click Flash Player after that.