M3 Unlimited Event


If the event is full, we’ll call it a luxury problem, lower the AI and raise the player cap on Mars 3.

Don’t worry, from a technical side we’ve contingency plans. Things can always go wrong, but we’re doing our best to make sure that the success of this event is up to you guys – the players – to have fun with each other and make it an era you can look back at with joy!


i am kinda noob i have to learn some new stuff. i was off quite long time.


You better all show up ladies and gents :))


This. :slight_smile:

But please just try to enjoy yourselves, have an open mind. This was fun on Galaxy, but its our first time doing this one on .com. If you’re very concerned with potential changes or instability or problems with it, you can always wait for us to solve the issues and do it again one day. We’ll learn and improve from this. :slight_smile:

– if you’re not, this’ll be very special though, hopefully!

Thanks everyone, and have fun, I trust Josh to take great care of you all.


Good good!! Alex seems to have forgotten my past mistakes! :smiling_imp: :rofl:

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lmao, is everyone just going to join SIN?

hmu tho, i might play properly


I gotchu fam, u and I against the whole world <3


I wont have much time but ig Ill plant, might be able to do a little
Hopefully this era is cool


I got u fam join me in an allaince in M3 with a tag HxH. Join us if you havent joined SIN already.


is the alliance change time 6 ticks again or the standard 24?

Also is the resource sharing is 100 ticks too right?


It is the standard 24 ticks currently. After talking it over with the staff, we came to the conclusion, it really didn’t matter too much. However, if folks really want that feature, it’s possible to run that in if the decision is made very soon (before era officially starts running). We figured less for folks to have to try remembering though (since there’s already quite a few new rules with this event to remember).


@Gaussgunner I read SYN and got confused because that was my old alliance…

@Shibu885 yep, 100 ticks after you joined the alliance

I guess, I’ll create a new account just to watch this while I am on vacation as this sounds like a lot of fun. (My usual one is already an admin account and I can’t use it)
But hey, let’s make a riddle out of it. If you can find me there and drop a colony on e3 end of April / beginning of May and you can tell me my M3 colony name, I’ll reward you!
There might be a hint regarding my purple avatar… :wink:
Be nice to colonies with zero achievements - it might be me :smiley:


This sounds like the place to do that :slight_smile:


No you can’t make me


Not going to plant, am still bad at the game and a round like this is not the type to practice


Not sure what gives you that idea. This isn’t a CE or anything, this is a round with unlimited team sizes. There’s going to be a lot more players than usual practicing most likely :stuck_out_tongue:


You should plant. This is the best way to practice under vets in whatever team you wish to join