It's your friendly neighborhood Neutron

Well we all love Neutrons right? they are everywhere. And make up everyone. Also they are responsible for the devastating power in nuclear weapons.

So hi community. My name is Neutron. Some of you know me, others don’t. I’ll start by saying that I’ve been around for a while on BD. I originally messed around with OC and then started playing for real on Kongregate BD ( which is now dead). Won a lot, lost a few, learnt a lot, made some good acquaintances. Now I’ve been on for the past year and half. And it’s been a fun ride. Still winning, losing a few and meeting some awesome people.

In real life, I’m quite a busy person and Battledawn helps my life to move like clockwork sometimes.( I use the ticks to keep track of tasks). But most times I’m too busy to play and have had to quit eras because of too much workload.

I’m currently 3 months away from graduating as a doctor ( GP ). My favourite things include good music, playing soccer, seeking thrills, a good book and of course strategy games.

I’m generally about helping the younger players grow and be better. ( I was bullied hard for a while when I joined BD.) I’m open to playing with most people as long as I don’t have strong opinions about them.

I have a family alliance ATOM family which is steadily growing. As a BD family, we stand for respect, integrity and grit. Hoping to be one of the best around in a few years. You’re welcome to pm me to apply!

Ask me anything else you’d want to know!


Hi Neut :slight_smile:


Novice here looking to join ATOM, where do I submit my resume and CV?


haha man! Our office is at the North Pole. Lemme know when you get lost :joy:


I’m stuck in the north pole rn, please come save me @BaBaBaBaBane :’(


Hello Neutron


Dinner party tonight in the North pole.


Welcome to the forum, Neutron. Great to see you here. I didnt know you were trying to be a doctor. Pretty neat


thanchu! ‘trying to be’ sounds sad though.’ Going to be’ is cooler xD

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Hello Sir!:heart_eyes:

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