Is Infantry the most efficient unit?

Should I only produce infantry, or should I also have some mechs and vehicles?

Having mixed chassis isnt a good idea. If you’re in an alliance you should follow the chassis the alliance has set, and if you’re solo choose whichever chassis you want. But don’t do mixed chassis.


Well, right now, I’m solo in the middle of the Antarctic. The moment my shield goes down, I’ll be swarmed. What’s the best chassis to use so I can at least put up a fight?

First, don’t attack us in AA. We love everyone down here! haha.

But for real, infantry for low income solo players is usually the best option. They are the cheapest to make, and can be built quickly (2 ticks as opposed to 4 or 6.) So in your situation, yes infantry would be your best option.


Your best bet is to either join an alliance or keep yourself without units until you’re conquered and your crystal has been taken, then start building up. Putting up a fight solo is usually futile. It’s best to play with a team instead. If you’re in Earth 1 you can ally with us, the HINI coalition :smiley:


I’m actually only using them for defense. I thought it would be fun to see what happens…

What’s your name in that world, mine’s ToroToro.

It’s my old name from the Mars world last year.

SGuderian is my ign just like in here. I’ve pmed you :slight_smile:

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Hi Bruce, welcome to Battledawn. The best way to start, is to find an alliance who has openings and join one so the team can help you learn to play. The number one thing to know is do not mix your chassis. Either be infantry, vehicle, or tank.

Good luck and make sure you attack Burning Apollo in AA.


Each chassis has advantages and disadvantages and choosing a chassis is usually decided by other external factors(what chassis your enemies are and how you plan to play the era). However just ensure you only have one chassis as people have said

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that’s a big oof. Rude :frowning:


Is it a good idea to run Concussive Vehicle Chassis? Infantry do more damage to it, but the vehicles can counter them with extra damage as well.

If you are primarily against an infantry army(reason for building concussive) vehicle is the worst chassis to choose. Build either inf or tanks both suffer no disadvantage and do same damage however explosive weapon holders die before concussive ones which may enable the tanks to have a slight mathematical advantage.
The only times i would even consider building a vehicle anti inf army is if I already have lots of vehicles and am then sticking to my chassis or if my enemy is primarily inf anti tanks(explosive is useless against vecs) (do consider in the second option you have to win very fast).
I personally dont have the link the milans guide he wrote for new players so hopefully someone can share it here it is a pretty complete guide to battle dawn thats well written , divided into logical subsections and easy to understand. Despite the stuff milan did this ce3 that is the best guide that i have encountered.

If you have skype pleaseadd me and i can answer all questions easily there, if you are willing to be active i can place with you in a new world soon to teach as well


What did Milan do? Is it fine for me to build multiple types of infantry?

Multiple different types of weapon(concussive, beam and explosive) of the same chassis type is fine and the correct way to build effectively. When we say one chassis we just mean keep the bulk of your srmy to one army type ( inf, vec or tanks) , for which weapon type to choose it depends on what you plan on fighting thou its good to have a few of each in any case.

Btw found it!

As for what milan did he technically did nothing illegal.
Thou that was just him playing the rules and getting plausible deniability when it was super obvious of shit he did


What did he do exactly? Also, is damage outclassed by range?

As many said above, there isn’t really a “best” chassis type. The biggest thing is to utilize your units correctly. In terms of efficiency, you could argue infantry are the best. They are the cheapest unit and quickest unit to build. However, they have other downsides as well. Such as being the easiest to take out with spies (but also the quickest to recover from spies/nukes).

And while many here are saying don’t mix chassis’, that’s actually not entirely true for your case. It’s best not to mix chassis when you are playing as a team. Cause then you give your enemies anti chassis more opportunity to dish out 100% dmg (concussive = 100% dmg to infantry, then if no infantry, 50% dmg to vehicle, then if no beam, 25% dmg to tanks. Beam = 100% dmg to veh, 50% to tank, 25% to inf. Explosive = 100% to tank, 50% to inf, 25% to veh). So if you have infantry AND vehicle units, then both their beam and their concussive units will do 100% dmg to those 2 unit types. This is bad if you compare it to a purely infantry army, in which case, then the beam will only do 25% dmg to the infantry in comparison.

HOWEVER. As someone who likes to solo troll, mixed chassis isn’t necessarily bad. The biggest factor is how well organized you are and what you’re trying to set up. If you see your enemy attacking with 10 concussive tanks, then you KNOW the best counter to those 10 tanks is explosive tanks (biggest bang for your buck). If they then send 10 explosive tanks and retreat those initial concussive tanks, then you’re best bet is suddenly to use explosive vehicle to deal the most damage. Now, what you end up having to do when you play like this, is force your enemy to split their army to deal with you and capitalize on their weaknesses. It requires patience and time, but they’re the one’s who need to attack to destroy you, which puts them at the disadvantage, while you can constantly change which unit types and anti chassis you send and to where. Defensively, you can begin to get very complex. If the enemy is smart, they will just try to bully you with pure power, but the more that focus on chasing you full power, the more opportunity they give you to spam their other OPs and then force them to have to spread out to retake (which ofc, is super annoying for a smart player to deal with constantly). I’ve actually held out entire frontlines doing this tactic so I could use minimal units to defend an area. I held off a players army once (about 300 veh) using about 30 dmg tanks and 30 infantry this way (and some spams/anti spams mixed in as well). Just be sure to utilize your spy well along with this tactic :slight_smile:

So if your active and attentive, you can easily gain an advantage with a mixed chassis build. The problem with it is if you join a team and still have a mixed chassis build. Then you become the weak link if you are ever forced into a full out battle.


Not necessarily, one thing to remember in any even fights with no spies or nukes and similar numbers damage is king and win, people say dont build damage cuase when it loses it loses hard and it takes more skill and activity to pull of using damage as you absolutely cant get spied or nuked , or end facing a much bigger army as you then die dealing nearly no losses


I have a dumb question, is there a distance limit to gate teleportation?

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I think in a larger era (like this CE) tanks are just superior. Explosive being targeted first is such a huge advantage in any enormous battle.