Is Infantry the most efficient unit?

I don’t want those random vehicle spammers taking out my entire army.

If you arent a booster or you join a server late i would advise you to focus on structures instead of building armies.

You wont be able to fight bigger armies so no real reason to lose your units.

Now if you planted at CE good luck mate :frowning:

Tanks!!! Farm!!! Where?Where?Where? Coords!!! Plzzzzzz! <3

Just don’t build units and forget to move them or do anything with them. Otherwise you will get farmed and then 1,000,000 msgs will come asking that Nopy be banned.


I guess I will disband my 10 concussive defense infantry.

So if I don’t disband Nopy will come and farm my units? /s

Both teletransportation and regular movement have a 12 tick distance limit. Attack distance limit is 24 ticks however, but because attack ticks are double of movement ticks (except when it’s within 3 ticks distance in attack.) You can’t teleport to conquered bases, or to gates without 24 ticks of control, by the way.

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I’ll save my resources for now.

Guys stop scaring the new guy, nopy cant reach AA however he is likely to be farmed.
Bruce e1 is literally the worst world to learn the game as its the last championship era. Most eras if you not boosting you should plant in the first ticks(worlds reset when a team wins them or tick limit is hit) and then everyone who plants is on the same footing and it isnt a case where you have no units or strucs and people have 100 squads like e1

You should ask around here on forum if anyone would be willing to teach you in another world when one resets( you wont wait long max of a week i think before atleast one will reset)


I like the way the infantry’s look ahaha pew pew sniper amazon babe dude ahaha


is infantry the most chad?

  • Yes.
  • No, I like tank go vroom
  • based? based on what?

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HINI and friends are protecting him. He’s not being farmed.


I hate infantry, but infantry end up being the chassi I play with the most. I break it down like this:

Infantry Pros:

  1. Quick to build. Makes replenishing armor quicker.
  2. Can always break down an armor squad into a spam bomb at a given notice.
  3. More cost effective to ‘bluff’ army size
  4. No inherent chassi weakness
  5. Effective vs op ions

Infantry Cons:

  1. Infect --> lose
  2. Horrible for exp farming
  3. Concussive dies last

Vehicle are absolutely standard across all marks, except that beam inf destroy them

Tank Pros:

  1. Explosive dies first
  2. Excellent for exp farming
  3. Takes 3 damages to cripple a tank army (so minimum spies have to be 32 infil to damage 3 times)

Tank Cons:

  1. Defensive ions on outpost are as damaging as normal ions usually
  2. Takes 6 ticks to build.
  3. Gets crushed by explo vehicle

The issue becomes that when you show you’re a threat then it becomes easier for an alliance to bring a suicide squad of people in to build anti-you. In this case I usually have to go with infantry since no rational person would try to leave me alive long enough to blood god the entire era.


Nice list bro, you forgot to mention that inf heals the fastest after being 1 hp


See, that’s where you need me Kenny. For some reason, every era I play, I sit, say I’m not here to do anything, folks leave me alone for 1000 ticks. Then some idiot comes and pokes me and tells me they wanna kill me, when I’ve had 1000 ticks to build up and I have to remind folks why you don’t poke a sleeping bear.


healing faster doesn’t matter imo.

If I get a single spy action done on me, it is generally only LD since I will be around to add sp to prevent further spy actions.

I’m more-so cautious of having a decent army advantage that I do a risky play to where my units get infected and range squads are sent to suicide on me.

Imagine having 5 inf squads and sending them to attack a new target, only to get eot infected and trapped between 2 ops that have 1 range squad. There’s situations like that in op wars all the time if you’re playing vs good opponents.


Mistakes happen Kenny :stuck_out_tongue:
it is good to know that you will be able to get back in action in a short time.