Information regarding the next Championship

Hello Commander,

We’re happy to share some more information with you concerning something you’ve been waiting for: the third Championship Era.

For now we have 3 pieces of news concerning this.

CE3 will be held on, a celebration and potentially last real chance to prove you are the best player the current version of Battle Dawn has to offer. Your chance to settle the score from the last 2 and see who is truly the best player in the game.

It will be announced (and start, so keep on your toes!) in the first half of 2020.

Finally, you will get the medals for CE3 in both, Battle Dawn 1 and 2. Giving you a running start in the new game with a shiny medal to show everyone you’re the best the original game has to offer them. The token reward will be granted in whichever game you prefer - want to spend them playing the classic or get a head start on the rest in the new game? Up to you!

We hope you’re excited and we look forwards to sharing more with you soon!

Happy new year!

The Gato Games Team


I’m very excited about this announcement of a coming announcement of a start date for CE3!

In all seriousness though, awesome. Would be nice to have the date known as soon as possible :slight_smile:




Goodluck to the next group of players who want to forever quit the game(most of the winning team did after CE2) and to those who want to be hospitalized…as some were after the last CE…

I’ll be somewhere on the sidelines…not my cup of tea. Not saying I’m not good enough to play…but it’s definitely a gruel fest that I’ll pass on like last time.


See you all there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So is this the era where I finally come out as a God who has just been hiding this whole time?
Or is this the era where I end up putting my phone on silent about tick 100?

Good luck to all


Glad to hear of another CE, I will surely come to watch and play if possible. Looking forwards to the future of BD also!
Cheers Friends!


How did somebody get hospitalized??

You go to the hospital and ask politely


I don’t think most of the winning team quit after CE2. Definitely took a break though, given that the era literally took 7 months.

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If you play bd hard enough and without enough sleep, this game can make you sick. Been there done that myself when I played in SWAT. I have now learned to pace myself, but CE is grueling.

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Hmmm, I haven’t seen hardly any of them around since that CE2. A few maybe here and there but seldom. Can you name some eras they have played? Ourania, geenstijl??? 7 months was ridiculously too long.

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That’s definitely true yes. But many of these players (including myself) weren’t exactly known as people that played regularly before CE either.

For what it’s worth, from what I gather Andrei (Shadow) will attempt to bring back RDH to this next CE so we’ll see :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, for me personally the reason I haven’t played much after CE2 is because regular eras seem incredibly boring after a CE. It feels like a game on a completely different level.


haha you haven’t played e1 lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I hear Andrei will be there…and many other I know are going to play also. I know many are looking forward to it. It will be great to see some of the newer groups playing as well. They just might beat the oldies at their “own” game. hehehe

I played both CEs (won 1 lost 1) so yes everything you say is true. It’s by far the best era experience you will ever get in BD and at the same time the most grueling.

Having learnt from the previous two, the BD team will do our best to make this the best one ever. That’s all I can promise.

Good luck to all except Milan. Pain in my ass and reason I lost CE2 :joy:




Dear lord I hope no one got hospitalized due to a championship era. 7 months was grueling but it wasn’t anything to become unhealthy over.


As I said it happened to more than one player I know of. I will not name them for their privacy. No game or era should ever put anyone’s health in jeopardy in my opinion. But, with that said Cosmin has said that this CE3 will be better. I’m sure since he’s played 2 of them, and now knows himself first hand, unlike last BD owners, that it will be.

idk how can you a play bd era for 7months and function as an adult.


I’d say it’s the people themselves that had their priorities wrong, it’s not Battledawn’s fault. If you’re literally going to keep playing BD when it’s becoming a risk to your health you have bigger problems than something called a “Champions Era”.