Hall of Fame improvement

I have a suggestion regarding the Hall of Fame page.

I have been in the situation where i have been trying to find a specific era i was playing on but i was unable to find it due to the systems in place and the way the Hall of Fame page is structured and also the inconvenience of scrolling through many lists to find it !

My suggestion is to make the Hall of Fame page a little bit more organised and sleek.

I suggest making sub divisions where we will be able to see the eras we have played on and the eras where we have won ribbons and medals. I would also like to see real time dates that eras occurred as it would be fun to date back the times to the different eras

I also suggest maybe adding a comment area where the winning team gets to leave a cheeky comment about what happened in the era. This could be showed in the screen where the different players and alliances rankings are shown for each era. And the leader of the winning alliance could leave it with the admin and the admin will be able to add it to the Hall of Fame, it would keep it more organised.

Maybe this update could come with BD2 ??

Please let me know what you guys think, i just think it will organize it a lot better and make everyone happy :smile:



Oh boy, I can’t see at all how that would be abused instantly /s

Would be controlled by admins

Well then that’s not “the winning team writing a quip” then is it? Teams already do that by changing their alliance name

what i mean about a comment is a sentence about what happened in the era. For instance.

" What a great era, thank you to TAC alliance and FAC alliance. Long live SAC alliance".


" We knew FRA alliance could not handle the heat"

Thats all i am saying. A short sentence sent to the admin prior to the era ending.It will be controlled because Admins are the ones putting it up :slight_smile:

This is a great idea

I like it, admin assistance in developing this idea further can allow quite the appropriate feature we never knew we needed to be made

I feel a better place for this would be the Profile page. It’s Hall of Fame, not your journal.

The dating of eras, I agree, would be a nice addition.

This would (or rather, might) be a nice addition. However, its not too necessary (what are the forums for?), and certainly wouldn’t help in making the page more “sleek” or “organised”. That aside, it would make for a nice taunt/ last-laugh sort of thing.

My suggestions:

I feel a more “useful” update to the player rankings screen would to add the alliance they belong to. I honestly don’t know why the HoF page doesn’t show this. Rankings on a competitive era (especially those that end with both sides still standing) are usually mixed with players from different alliances, and it would be nice to know exactly which team a certain player was from.

Another would be to split the list, make it shorter, or at least make it drop DOWN. ffs the start of the list goes off the bloody screen for some worlds, needing the window to be moved all the way down.


A last, more expensive, suggestion would be to make the lists indexed, according to maybe alliance tag? This would allow people to search for the wins/losses of certain teams more easily. Major quality of life improvement, but also, pretty ornamental and expensive.

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I definitely agree with nearly everything you have said :slight_smile:

I believe the profile page could also work, the only reason I think it would suit the Hall Of Fame page better is because we would be able to move from the area where we can see the eras we have won straight to the specific era we looking for, rather then going to profile, finding the era, closing profile, open community, go to HOF and finally go to the era. I suggest it as a drop down option from the HOF page and this again will make it very neat and tidy.

I believe if the HOF page is adjusted a bit and more smartly designed it would definitely leave some space where that cheeky comment would be able to go :slight_smile: If it is designed right it should definitely not feel clustered.

Now on to your suggestions.

I have to agree with all of them :slight_smile:

I believe the addition of the alliance tag next to the players name would be a great addition. Especially on the competitive eras (As you have said)

I didn’t mention it directly but thank you for reminding me. That was one of the reasons i wanted the HOF page remastered, it can be so irritating at times, and once again with the right design it would work perfectly.

I believe your final point would be a great addition and i think it would work very nicely with where you would be able to see the eras you have played. (If it were to be on the HOF page). But as you said it could prove to be very costly.

Thanks so much for your reply. I hope this happens ! :slight_smile:


Glad you agree :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, really hope it happens ! :slight_smile:

I agree because, I’ve gotten two medals with different accounts and I can no longer remember the passwords for but remember my ign. It would be nice to still find my medals w/o having to scroll through every era maybe putting in a search bar to find your ign in those worlds.


Totally agree, could be very costly but would change the HOF forever :slight_smile: . Thanks for the reply !

agreed, i have a hard time remembering where i got my one ribbon from sometimes

Well I’m pretty sure this has been brought up earlier in the past and rejected for some reason or the other.

How is your comment in any way constructive? Unless you can link something like that there is no reason to “oh this was probably brought up and knocked down so you shouldn’t bother even making any suggestions”. There is a suggestion section on the forum. Why deter people from using it? Unless you actually have a reason why this idea is a bad one or why it wouldn’t work or an actual example of admins or mods rejecting it, you are just being toxic. I’m not saying that it hasn’t been brought up or rejected since i don’t know for certain. But if you don’t either, don’t bother replying.

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This would be pretty lit if it were to be implemented. I am only able to quickly find only one of my medals without digging. The current HOF is clunky and unweildy

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I never discouraged anyone or asked anyone not to make any suggestion, I don’t see that in my post nor do I recall it doing it anytime in the past.
And about giving links from old forum, look up my previous answers, I have in the past provided links from as back as 2010.Earlier I used to have time to go through the old forum & search for the threads, just that I don’t have same amount of time these days.
I don’t see how by giving my 2 scents that this was suggested in the past & rejected due to some reason makes me toxic, since everyone was agreeing to this, I thought it would be good to inform that this might not be 100% full proof & might have a small falling somewhere which might be identified by someone if they try to view this from a different prospective.
I don’t care if you are bothered by my posts or not. If you have a problem with my posts simply skip them until you have the power to kick me out of the forum.

Would be amazing if implemented

Just hope someone who can actually do something about it will spring up and give an answer to weather it is a possibility or not :slight_smile: @Malicewolf :slight_smile: