Guess who's back, back again


So I’ve been away from the admin seat for about 2 and a half year now, so some might not know me, so I figured I’d introduce myself!

I’m a 26 year old Norwegian who’s been studying for way to long, but should hopefully be done by summer! I started working as admin the day I turned 18, probably the youngest admin there ever will be!

I started playing this game probably 2006… it’s so long ago… and used to play under the name Defender of Ous All, spelling mistake turned recognizable name! I’ve played a lot of eras, won some, lost many, but the best part was always the people I played with. But I haven’t really had the time for some years.

And if I’m being perfectly honest, I didn’t really have the time to admin at the end of my time as admin. I was working one job where I worked days and nights, studies and in addition to that I worked as a voulenteer, there simply weren’t enough hours in a day for me to do everything I had to. But now I’m back baby!

Alex told me some changes were coming to BD and asked if I wanted to be a part of those, and of course I said yes. I have way more time for BD right now, and I was super excited to see what direction we could take it in!

I’m lucky enough to get to admin E1 as it resets, which is great as it’s my old world, and where I had my last era which went to the maximum amount of ticks because of Josh. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, but I do hope we’ll have some great eras with a lot of competition!

If you have any questions, just ask :slight_smile:


Will you rap us some new tracks to be used in game?


Welcome back BB. We missed you


The only soundcloud rapper I’ll ever listen to.


Welcome Back the King of Spam


Many years since my last raptrack, don’t think there will be any new ones coming out. At least not that’s PG 13!


Personally I’m still waiting for you to rap something in English


My english is to bad :frowning:


I still remember the thread from old forum where kenny had open challenged you for a rap battle which was later joined by abeyant, tom, kamikaze etc.


custom penguin design event when


Though it’s not as good as my Norwegian, I can write english at an ok level… the problem comes when I try to talk :frowning:

E1 :wink:


ill be there, penguins you gave me grew up and left the house, need new ones


I have same problems, to improve my spoken English skills I had started being part of group voice calls on @carter 's discord server, seems will need to start doing it again, haven’t done it in a while.
Maybe you should join us.


Only for my favorite’s :kissing_heart:


My dorm net won’t let me connect to discord voicechat unfortunately :frowning:


what’s the link for carter’s server?


@carter whats the link x d


Idk @Zealot :slight_smile:


Welcome back and I hope to wake you up again in some future era to move your troops. You always gave me a hard time though…


That’s what the ladies tell me :wink:

But yeh, I try to push everyone to their limit, some times it goes badly, but you don’t hate me. Right?