Guess who's back, back again


Guess who’s back me bitch I hope you’re ready! Nerd


Damn! So many old ass names in this thread.


You are Dessyboy?.


Maybe he’s Des from SYN?


Simen was my favorite admin and up until now i was thinking i got rank 3 on the last world he admined. But now he’s back, so that kinda destroys that stat and just might force my hand to try to get a rank 1 on one of his world (if only i find some proper carries)


Lol, yeh. Come to E1 and kick some arse!


Ye and Nah. Just nice seeing so many old faces


Is that a “was” because your new favorite admin is Josh?!


Simen was never my fav , not even top 3. i dont like him.

Simon go back


how dare you insult our bearded nordic god.


Wow, lots of names I recognize still here… Welcome back


Ryan, is that you? (extra characters)


It is! Decided I’d been gone for to long so swung by to check out all the changes and might have to stay for a bit now


Please do! :slight_smile:
Hope to se you on E1 :wink: