Galaxy 1 Custom Settings

Galaxy 1 has a couple of custom settings that override the normal Battle Galaxy settings.

  • The team with the most relics at the end of the era wins. If there’s a draw, the team with the most score wins. If the score’s also a draw, the grand prize will be split.

  • Because of this win condition, there are no explicit rank-2 or rank-3 prizes. Instead, a participation prize will be given to all teams that are a certain rank and above.

  • The era will end after 3 weeks (21 days / 2,016 ticks) have passed. A team can end the era early by holding all ten relics at the same time for 1 day (96 ticks).

  • XPv2 is in effect. More than 300 soldiers must die in battle for the winner to get XP. For every 30 dead soldiers, every unit on the winning side will gain 1 XP. If the loser’s units have any XP, 70% of it will be divided equally amongst the winner’s surviving units, regardless of the number of dead soldiers.

These settings are current as of 30 July 2020. Any changes to them will be accompanied by an official announcement. It is your responsibility, however, to stay up-to-date with everything.