G1 Era 136 — XPv2!

Well done to WOKE on their dark-horse victory, and welcome back to another 7-man era of Galaxy 1! I’m very excited to announce two new updates starting this era:

  • Galaxy 1 has been moved to a new tick-engine server. Until now, Galaxy 1 been sharing its server with Earth 1 Championship. Now that it has its own, the performance of its tick engine should be much better.

  • The XPv2 system is now in effect! For those of you unfamiliar with it, XPv2 is designed to fufil the original goal of XP — to reward smart fighting. It also eliminates the issue of XP farming entirely.

Alongside this, Galaxy 1 has a few custom settings that override the normal Battle Galaxy settings. The prizes for this era are as follows:

  • All top-10 teams will earn 150 blues.
  • The winning team will earn 3,000 blues.

Make sure to check the World Chat often as I’ll be handing out blues again! The more people that respond, the more blues you’ll get. :wink:

Have fun, stay safe, and good luck!



What is a smart fighting ?

I mean how much units must fight to gain XP ?

@SOLO Here. Admin posted the details in another thread.