G1 - The Floofening

We can’t let Fluffeh’s first era as admin of g1 go by unocumented - so I thought I’d post some brs

my team started off shakey with two members leaving due to internal drama and having the misfortune of planting in the same spot as a heavily boosting team.

however, we got a few good kills on their formerly ranked 1 member:

started small

got a little bigger when I conquered him with my teammate, picking up all those juicy conqs

and then when he came back online to gather up and boost his wounds clean, we locked him down and blew all those pretty vehicles to bits

and ofc we have to stan a dude who boasts when being conquered due to inactivity

hopefully more fun to be had yet :slight_smile:



Make it a good era, do something bonus?? X2 resources???
Increase rewards??? Early relics???


Please Admin we are your fans
Look at how these guys in g4 keep on getting bonuses and resources
we support you wholehearedly and you only gave us one bonus at tick 96 :confused:
lets make this era interesting Fluffeh!
G1 > CE3

@Fluffeh come onn if you give res it is fair and the rich kids boost more

Looks like SUN are now at war with 7ven

more blood

wait people are really playing this era?

for Fluffeh ofc x <3

op farm
KUJO op farm get him ban pls


which team you in?

ill make you a spot in top 3 <3

you are winning every era in your word smokey

JW this era but heres a couple BR’s from people who cant add spy protection…


Placed on G1 just to watch. Ended up going ham instead. Currently at war with BFB over a little spat. Decided I didn’t like their attitude, so here we are. War started tick 525. It’s now tick 628.

I damaged their units here. Unfortunately for me, I can’t do math worth a damn and ended up suiciding instead :rofl:

More to come i’m sure


So in short you just bullied davi?

Well, he was the only one pretty much in hitting distance. The other’s stuck in a group or backed off.

Though, we got another guy that just got trapped by our small army. I like D. BR to come in about 15 min.

EDIT: I lied, another 15 minutes. I can’t count :upside_down_face:

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Why doesn’t josh bully me <.<

I only verbally bully you Feifei. You’re too easy to bully otherwise :yum:


Why banned me ib G1 i don’t have multi account in g1 or anyother era u guys just banned me and effect my play

Josh is not the g1 admin, Message Fluffeh either in game or on skype, Im sure he had a good reason

I’m not the admin of G1 as irrational said. Nor a galaxy admin anymore now that Kenny has taken over G3.

He give me this link can someone send me the skype of g1 admin