Fantasy 2 - Era 107

Time for era 107, and we’re on the same ruleset as before.

Alliance size will be 6 per alliance, with prizes as follows:
Top 10: 200 tokens // Top 5: 600 tokens // 3rd: 1000 tokens // 2nd: 1500 tokens // 1st: 4000 tokens

How long does one Era last?

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Anywhere from a week to a month. Honestly depends on tick speed and how much competition there is as well as the amount of time allocated by the admin for the era :slight_smile:

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Stfu u nub😄… . …

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Tick 310



so another dead era?

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just checked yes its pretty dead and they have a sub.

they had 0 enemies…

In the F3 that just ended(?) there were >50% AI colonies in the top-10 for the first 15 ticks. I had never seen anything like it.

well, as I just won f3, I can say it was “less dead” than this.
We killed 3 FTW teams as well as 2 troll teams. Still dead yes, but not nearly as bad as this

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I messed up my words, I meant this current E3

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well, as i’m also winning e3, i agree with you. We only had to kill 2 other teams who were FTW… Era still going though

I wouldn’t consider any of the fighting I’ve seen in F3 or E3 to be of “FTW” teams. I see some teams that placed together, but there is clearly no intention of multiple teams committing to an era. It’s all just 75-tick slapfights and then a team decides the era isn’t just literal free blues so they quit. All the other “FTW” teams are just sitting and building with no intentions of actually ever attacking anything.

While part of what you said is true, some points are incorrect… In F3, DIH and FD both initiates attacks on us first. After both of them had been killed off, TEC and TECs were planning a stab on us(but we found that out and killed them soon after).

In E3, once again, BPs crew stabbed us at about tick 175 when we had a 250 NAP. FILA initiates attack’s on us soon after we killed BPs team. And this era is still going, we’ll see what else occurs

we killed C , FSB
they are here for ftw too

When Larry and Supersam57 Stabbed us Conquered Venku and Joined your guys mean*
You guys love to change something but it’s the real :slight_smile:

but still on a dead world and against @BlackPanther who is still a noob and is learning
@wanheda team required stabs from 2 guys in order to kill them and win a dead world

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Stop using the word “stab” like that lmao. It is not a stab when there are literally only 2 teams left on a map, it’s common sense in a war-game. NAPs are just a leaders way of creating a safeguard talking-point they can fall back on to argue nothing is ever their fault and they are superior masterminds. It’s sad you felt you had to NAP to begin with if you were FTW, there were literally no other teams.

They were dead eras. Defending a spam and killing colonies 1 by 1 with nukes and gating directly next to a colony is the definition of a dead era. That is not a war.

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Unfortunately once again, you are misinformed here Sakrie.

There was no “NAP” with a tick limit, it was an era long peace as they stated they only wanted 2nd. Turns out this was a lie, and planned to STAB their era long allies, thats right, STAB.

You know that this game is filled with peace loving pansies Sakrie, so not sure why you are surprised that the 2 teams left (even though there were more than 2 teams left) wouldn’t have an era long peace. Most of the time players are just looking around for easy blues.

How many more years is Black Panther gonna be “the little poor orphan kid noob who is still learning the game”?
He is a big boy now and has been for some time, the pity party is getting old. He has lead enough times, stabbed enough times, and won enough times to know what is what. He has been playing for YEARS, even started his own family, (242), with about 20ish members who are not “noobs still learning the game”, so lets give it a rest with that
BP loses an era oh well, he lost, not cus he is poor little kid noob orphan but bc it happens, to EVERYONE.
BP wins a dead world? ok cool, not impressive, but not his fault its dead either. Win is a win.