F1 Era 65 - Backstabbers Everywhere

Insert Whatever Happened - Who backstabbed who - and BATTLE REPORTS


This era was better off without a thread.

Potentially just giving these babies a soapbox to cry from.


The broadcasts are like , NO! you backstabbed , NO , you backstabbed.
Lets hear both sides of the story

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Sorry for the quick and dirty forum post, at work right now :frowning:

These are the ones i could find, there are a few more but the majority of the kills were gained through 1 squad here 1 squad there while skirmishing.
To be clear we also lost some units this era, these are only the ones we won since those were the battles i was in. We did lose a couple armies i believe.

http://prntscr.com/ot1d21 - Barcode BR Tick 483
http://prntscr.com/ot1h56 - Yup Br Tick 525


http://prntscr.com/ot1hoi - Paradise BR Tick 530
http://prntscr.com/ot1i0k - Paradise Br Tick 531



https://prnt.sc/ot1l1p - Yup/Barcode Br Tick 594

As for the backstabbing meh everyone says that when they lose. its whatever.

If someone wants to tidy this up then go ahead but this era wasn’t anything overly special so far.


Let’s play next E1
will be good era , Cheers


To straighten this up, DOG / HUNS alliance backstabbed BYZ alliance. DOG attacked BYZ in early game, BYZ was winning the war, so DOG called it off and promised us the win so thy could get blue tokens for second place.

I checked in periodically throughout the era to ensure the deal would get held up and was validated and led on all era long. They made up stories… Sylphrena GF being mad at him for playing too much and not enough time to go ftw, Excel and FS too busy on m1, Cody and Lawmpy just farming blues for next era of e1.

these are veteran players so i assumed if they made a deal they would hold it up. Then relics came out and they stabbed us right after our armor was weakened, changing tag to HUNS. It was a dirty stab, clean cut, and executed with purpose.

Cody / ANJ only comeback is that lying and stabbing is part of the game. I won’t debate that right now, could be its own forum thread. I am just stating the facts here, these guys stabbed us hard and showed the BD community they cannot be trusted.

In Great Shape BR tick 534


Ty very much for posting the In Great Shape BR that was one of the ones i didn’t have so couldn’t post. I hate when people only post BRs where they win, i dont wanna lie and imply that it was a clean sweep of a war.

Playing a game of he said she said seems pointless, we felt justified in our actions. Im sorry that you felt otherwise.
The argument with my GF was real actually, im sure everyone with an SO has been in that argument of “you’re playing too much” xD luckily we got past it and worked things out :slight_smile:


As I have always stated, I have no obligation to help your team win, only an obligation to make my team win.

You were just naive


We didn’t LD a single squad or army in our initial attack. We fought y’all with less income, less territory, and far smaller armies and were able to push you or not give up any territory on every front. You got completely outplayed and don’t deserve the win if you play like garbage. Be a better player and you will see better results. People usually don’t attack with 2/3rds your armies if they think you are half decent


if you don’t think we are half decent, you should have stuck out the war in the beginning of the era instead of making false promises and breaking them in late game. But no, you were forced to stab and play dirty because you knew you would have lost the fair fight against us upfront.

BYZ only got somewhat inactive after we covered the map and were promised victory. The era should have been over a long time ago, but we were generous enough to give you second place and let you live because you asked nicely.

Me satisfying your ask to finish second place and you breaking that agreement is the only reason you win. I’ll admit it was a mistake to trust you, but was trusting you naive? I do not think so.



That’s a fancy way of saying “pick your battles” which is a good takeaway.

But according to your diplomacy with us, you picked to not battle us, period.

what’s the point of making diplomacy in this game if it means nothing?




I was jking in Broadcasts that CMON DOG Do something , Start a war or smth , ROME needs second place. I guess they took that seriously.


Oh yeah, BYZ played like shit and didn’t deserve win?
They could’ve killed you easily if they hadn’t shaked hands with you and hadn’t agreed to give you second place. Y’all betrayed them when BYZ went inactive - They all were inactive due to a confirmed win.
After you betrayed , BYZ were still inactive. There’s only a few guys fighting. BYZ’s sub/brother alliance ROME went inactive AF too. Couldn’t helpout.


Do you know how dumb you sound? Riptide too.

Earn your wins or get rekt. Those are the options.

Inb4 you say something stupid like “they earned it in the first war!”

The first war never had kills unless you count spams, it was before tick 150. They didnt earn a thing but a well whooped ass.

Edit: if BYZ wasnt a garbage alliance then whyd they lose a war when they always had more units/income than us until they already gave up


A win is a win only after you receive the victory.

BYZ set up to counter a stab. It was pretty obvious with silo placement and troop movement. Not sure why they never executed once the attack was launched. Maybe it was lack of armor? Maybe it was inactivity? Anyway, I never really expected much to come from HUNS surprise attack. But, BYZ armies continued to fall back with little resistance until they owned practically none of the map.