F1 Era 63 - Why so slowwww


New era starting, ticks should roll in some time.

Who’s gonna win? idk


Tick 2

Simmen stealing this era?


I heard BME has a fishy smell to it. :open_mouth:


Admin semen is at it again

Better watch out


A day after ticks began rolling, here’s the map:


civil war… (20 chars)


That hurt my heart for the comics


Tick 63


A little bit of action between BME and JOKE


Tick 92

tfw subs are more involved and gaining power than mains


Post top players and alliance power rankings.

Any past or current wars?


Hopelessly out of date now Tick 170



Tick 196

Top 3 alliances are very close to each other in score. TLR just passed HF in score, JOKE is growing fast, and HF is dealing with REV.


can you post the power differences please.



It is sad that i must leave mid era. So much for an exciting era xD


Tick 219

War seems to have begun between JOKE and TLR/LR/TT.

HF seems to be quitting early for inactivity reasons-

@wanheda confirm?


show which team u r in noooob


I am irrelevant in this world :b:


hate having my time wasted