Eliminate HOF, Especially BOAT

Boat has obviously served absolutely no discernible purpose since Mars 1 Era 12. Its now literally just a glaring example of just how dead and non-competitive this game is, and when a whole era is being farmed for boat by literal trashcans it really deters new players from ever becoming interested in playing.

Even more important than eliminating the BOAT list is getting rid of Medals and Ribbons. Oh My god what a colossally stupid system that promotes individual, selfish gameplay, almost always at the detriment of the team. Literally fighting a war and playing with your friends is the only thing that matters in this game, its a fucking strategy game predicated on teamwork, perseverance, and intelligence, not whoever hoarded the most conquers or launched on the most relics.

I think medals should be entirely eliminated, but if some people really want them, how about replacing them with a gold, silver, and bronze medal that are given out to the members of the top 3 teams. All the members on the first place team would get gold medals, second place silver, and third place bronze. This would reward players for how their TEAM did in the era, not how they INDIVIDUALLY placed.


I agree with this. PLO does not :slight_smile:


You can’t blame the system, when the ones making the era dead are the ones that are playing it themselves. Yes i agree, just farming up, making units and having 60 squads by tick 700 and not doing anything with it is pointless. It is boring getting a win when people figure out what alliance is on that world then they just go and agree to be allies for blues and medals/ribbons.

People need to stop being scared when they find out who is playing or crying to admin’s about cheating ect.

Once this factor is out of peoples head then the world will be back to a more competitive state.

Maybe the admins should try an era with no bot colonies and no boosting that way it might force people to actually fight each other for mines (production), network and their enemies conquer’s.


Preach it !! Get rid of BOAT…who even checks it?


So your suggestion is to remove selfish play and replace it with bootlicking?

OMG! I’m going against “XYZ” I better give up and settle for top 3. At least all my teammates will get free medals"

I’d much rather go with rewarding people with most kills instead
Sure, those stats can be fixed but so can anything else in this game.
Ranks are the easiest though. 5-10 ticks of activity to shuffle relics and there u have it
Atleast stats would get people to put in a wee bit more efforts

That’s my thought, rest idc much really :smiley:


Cutting the medals seems harsh to me, but BOAT does seem like a slightly warped award these days.


I’m 50/50 on this topic. It really depends on the leader and if they actually distribute according to effort in an era. I’ve played with people who just hoard medals even tho they don’t deserve.

I personally like when leaders opt out of medals all together and reward those who put forth the effort. Yes, medals can be viewed “selfish” but it’s also a way to recognize hard work.

BOAT is absolutely useless these days. Scrap it


BOAT made by crystals, are useless, and I blame admins for this tbh. Use to, crystals were put out on relics, a few, and a few on garrisons. Now you see admins dropping tons of crystals on dead worlds. When, I got my BOAT you can see it was done on power versus crystals. BOAT should be revamped to no longer go by score, but by power. Just a thought. Anyone can make BOAT with the crystals dropped by admin these days on some worlds.

As for medals, leave them alone. As for dead worlds, make less worlds? 1 world for each type of tick?


Bring Back M3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Medals are useless and mostly people hide them so dont see the point in getting them :neutral_face:

Tokens should be enough reward and only rank 1 alliance should get them so more alliances get in war and not just plant for easy 2nd or 3rd :roll_eyes:

As for BOAT, yes its admins fault… there should be same amount of xstals on relics/garrisons in each world every era :thinking:

Or make spacial era just for BOAT once in a while



Tons of medals show me who farms dead eras.

BOATs show me who farms dead eras with lots of xstals.


More serious note, medals are cool, BOATs are worthless unless all admins have a standardized ruling for xstals/etc to make them have more value… like when it’s actually competitive, perhaps?


I really just wanted to get this conversation started. I welcome all suggestions because these are systems that need to be revamped, with ofcourse the ultimate goal being increased competition and hopefully BD not dying.


I think only Rank 1 team should get blues, rank 2 and 3 get nothing.Also, only members in rank 1 should get medals/ribbons. No one outside of rank 1 should get them. That way it prevents people from saying “stab for me or join our side of the war and we will get you ribbons.” Get rid of BOAT or like mentioned above, all admins should release equal crystals in all worlds. Or it should be based off power maybe, and not crystals. It is called BEST of all time. Having friends hand over xstals and not fighting for the title, defeats the purpose of a BOAT.


if only rank 1 players got medals/ribbons. There would be much more internal stabs within alliances


Boat I agree, as for medals… Keep your damn hands off my shinies.


You can kill a bunch of stuff but if you still lose the era… Maybe special medals as honorable mentions for those situations.


I disagree about only rank 1 team getting blues, reason being most people cant use to many reds, so they need to get blues to be able to boost, and if they know that if they lose is no blues youll get a case where theyll be like XYZ planted, highly likely we will die or may not win, so lets save the few blues we got , By having more people with blues out there it makes the big eras epic, as lots of people can boost


I’ve kinda fantasized about making an event world that just ruins the BOAT for ever. Have the 1 crystal when you reach 30 power replaced with 1000 crystals when you reach it. And The winner of the world is the first player with 500.000 or 1.000.000 crystals… buuut, not sure how good of an idea it actually us.


I think BOAT should be removed, and also ribbons as well unless a CE era ribbon. Ribbons are basically just participation trophies, or things to be bartered with to gain some greedy allies who just want more ribbons. gold silver bronze are the only things of significant in the era besides the alliance who won.


Got it, next era I do on BD will have 10k crystals on garrisons and 0 defense :smiley: