Earth 5 Era 90 what just happened?

I must say, I was AFK for the last 18 hours and I came home to see that this era has blown up literally. I’ve been told Ash was biased in his relic drops…many players have left e5 because of it…and many are now refusing to even play CE3…seriously sad considering CE3 is only 20 days away. For those who benefited from the relic drop, I’m sure you are cheering that the Ash likes you so much he’ll help you out, or maybe it’s the other way around…he dislikes the other players so much he wanted them to quit BD…either way I’m saddened over the turn of events…I’ve never seen or heard of a relic drop like this in all my years of playing BD…usually the relics are evenly split over each continent…where everyone has a chance to grab one…

Well that’s my two cents on this era for what it’s worth…

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Mind providing some screenies / doing a proper explanation so people not planted can see what actually happened? i.e me

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Apparently all relics were dropped in protection moving towards the rank 1 player territory.
The opposition who had 3 continents only got one within range.

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As I said, I wasn’t here for the relic drop so can’t provide all the details on it, but I can provide screenies of all the comments in bc atm, so here goes:



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Yikes ash getting clowned bad

Another one :thinking:

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surely one of the annoyed players SS the relic placements

I find it funny that 3 of those broadcasts are all Iceman on his alt accounts xDD


All relics are currently under another 14 ticks of protection at this moment. Here’s placement screenshots for current locations this tick:

2 going into Africa

3rd one moving into Europe above Africa

4th one in Australia

5th one flying off the tip of Africa into Africa

6th one in Anartica flying towards tip of Africa

None were placed near Greenland, North America or South America. There is currently one relic being held currently by someone in North America…all others are in Asia where the other relics were dropped. Not one relic was dropped in South America at all during the entire era.

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tough luck…

lol Jason, not sure this was caused but good or bad luck…more like admin placement and direction.

So, I’m being told that relics have been turned from their original direction. The screenshots I posted are not the direction they were first heading. I hear originally they were all headed north towards Asia. I wasn’t here to see that myself, but now they are mostly headed to Africa.

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and this happens all the time… what’s your point

Uff another hater on the lose :rofl:

I’m sorry Jason I’m not being clear enough for you…and you are planted so you know exactly what’s going on. From what I understand the relics were turned by another Admin not Ash…that doesn’t happen all the time.

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  1. I logged after I saw regis forum post. Before that, I had not logged in 287 ticks, so I was not aware of what was going on.
  2. Relics can change paths by themselves, you know

yes, when they hit something…or when there’s a “glitch” :wink:

I too am getting information from others…so please don’t kill the messenger hun.

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Can you just stfu for once? Always got something to say. I thought you quit? So quit!

Uhmmm who quit? I think I missed something.


I’ve had a number of messages complaining about relics moving towards particular locations (the north / Africa)

I’ve clarified it ingame but I’m happy to do so here too - relic movement is randomised while relics are under admin control. They just cruise around until somebody captures them. Quite happy to bring other admins to confirm this if there’s any doubt.


Hi Ash, what about relic drop placement? Is that random too? I mean very odd that not one relic was dropped in or near SA this era…and only 1 near NA and 1 near AA…

As for relic movement being random…maybe more protection is needed if you see them all flying in the same direction?

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