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and ran away. LOOOOL

Ninja you are trying to prove nopy is a noob lol
What you don’t see is you’ve done what he wanted you to do, waste time and cry about it in the forums.
The troll was successful and you’ve made yourself look like a clown


who the hell are you noob?

If you want to cry. Cry louder!!! Took you over 1 day to think of this comeback? Think of a longer paragraph and come back to me. Absolute crying trash you are.

Oh forgot to mention, im not in the gang of trolling you lol. im trying to be more nice towards the fellow BD players dont make go back to my previous self :frowning:
Create dont hate

And ive read the thread just today i have something called a life, but you would not know of that


LMAOO K. Then why post this stupid reply?? You are so dumb at contradicting yourself. it’s actually comedic gold. Your paragraphs are getting longer and longer. Try harder, son! LMAOOOO

Struggle to believe you’re over the legal age to play this game


This game doesn’t have a legal age, you dumb trash.


hey, i wasnt trying to show off my suicides or anything… :frowning:

At this point, this thread is just full of toxicity. We all should go do something more productive, than clog up the forums with this.


It’s ok man why we pulling it toooo much it’s BD nd we all know who nopy is he don’t need to prove who he is

Luv u nopy nd ninja u too ,dont spead hate let’s love nd hug each other :smile::heart:

i keep on sayng with f2 having just started and m2 in havoc these guys should plant and duke it out but i keep getting ignored xD

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This topic is probably one of the most pathetic and juvenile things I’ve ever read…


I found this guy army near me, and for a triumphant ending KILLED HIM.

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rip my bro :cry:

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Your army is disgusting mate